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Headshots that Connect – $350.00 Classic Studio Headshot – plus tax.

Teamshots that Project – Starting @ $800.00 Panorama TEAM shots that convey unity and strength.

Rates Detailed below. For Session Booking call: 303 955.7065



Bob Carmichael is a CU Graduate who became an internationally renowned adventure filmmaker in the early 1970’s. His director/cameraman career spans three decades in the LA film community pursuing network documentary, commercial and feature 2nd unit directing and cinematography assignments. He is a 40-year member of both the International Cinematographers Guild Local 600 and the Directors Guild of America. He is also a member of the American Photographic Artists. He has both an Academy Award nomination and a National Emmy Award. He has seven Telly Awards to his credit along with seven nominations from the International Color Awards.


Five Reasons to use a Carmichael Headshot supported by over 100 ★★★★★ Star Endorsements on Google!

(Google Reviews below)

1. Carmichael’s directing experience combined with his state-of-art-studio assures you of a great experience and results.
2. Your image is more widely viewed today than ever before – your know what they say about first impressions!
3. Present the best version of yourself to all your networks.
4. If your headshot is not you today then your integrity suffers at first glance.
5. Invest in a professional level image. A good headshot is worth the 5-year amortization.

BOTTOM LINE: A Carmichael Headshot is founded upon Bob’s award-winning director/cameraman expertise, a custom studio, flagship-level camera/lighting/grip kit, world-class retouching and a relaxed, creative atmosphere on the set. The end result is a distinctive image that will positively propel your professional aspirations.

Bob Carmichael

photo by Wes Furguson @ Carmichael’s Studio

What you will get:

• Professional Direction and the photographic eye of Bob Carmichael.
• Flagship Nikon D5 Camera, Nikkor Portrait lens and Hollywood filtration, and tethered capture for immediate viewing.
• State-of-the-art 1,000 sq.ft. custom photography studio w/ HMI Studio Continuous Lighting, Matthews Grip gear, Chimera Softboxes, Apple computers.
• Easy, expeditous editing via Light Room CC – this is done following the session and all selections are then submitted for retouching.
• Retouching: Elite, European fashion Level.
• Approximately 100+ images to choose from.
• Studio is within Carmichael’s North Boulder Landmarked, LEED Platinum certified home.
• Wardrobre and Makeup station in studio.
• Up to there wardrobe changes. (Business and Casual looks) Vertical and Horizontal framing.
• The $350.00 fee yields one selected and fully retouched professional headshot.
• Additional images are $60.00 plus tax per selection. Retouching plus wardrobe color change is $75.00 plus tax.
• The opportunity to bond with Happy the studio dog!

Overview Carmichael Studio Rates and Policies:

payment and cancellation policy:


Studio Protocols and Policies:

• Cancellation fees apply within a 48-hour window prior to the call time and they are 50% of the session fee. See more detail about rates below.
• Allow approximately two hours for the entire session including photography, editing, and payment.
• Bring a wide selection of wardrobe so we can help with styling. Up to three changes allowed in a session.
• Bring a friend for support if you’d like to the session and editing process.
• Check out my online portfolio to determine which format landscape or vertical best suits you and your company need. I generally shoot both.
• Check out my online portfolio to determine which Background Seamless color you wish to have up.
• After the photography, we immediately edit the files. These final selections are the basis of your invoice and are NOT refundable.
• We use CC LightRoom software to nimbly edit the initial files down to your favorite selections.
• Once selections are made an invoice is drafted and a check is written to Carmichael Productions, Inc. We do not accept credit cards.
• We offer a number of levels to our retouching (from very realistic to model level) we rely on your direction for your preference.
• Approximately 7 business days later we will send you the first retouch of your images, you then have UP to 2 revisions to hone in the retouching.
• A basic photography session is $350.00 and includes one retouched image. Additional images are $60.00/each plus tax. See other rates below.
• Full payment is due at the conclusion of the photography/editing session via check or cash to Carmichael Productions, Inc.
• You have an unlimited license to use your images in any way you chose. I have the right to use the images solely for the promotion of my business.
• Raw out of the camera images are not allowed outside of the studio. Editing is done exclusively here at the studio.
• If you decided you want to come back in and review the stockpile of your images for additional selections there is a $75.00 session charge.


Cancellation for all shoots is required 48 hours prior to shoot date call time to avoid a cancellation fee of 50% of the project budget. Cancellation NOTICE for individual and group portraits must be made with a telephone call to 303 955.7065 to alert us about a cancellation prior 48 hours before the call time of the shoot day. This notice should be accompanied by an email or text.

The cancellation fee for basic portraits is 48 hours prior to the shoot call time. Inside that time the cancellation fee is $100.00. This is due to booking demands, camera rental, studio rental and crew fees. NOTE: If one cancellation is taken for a basic portrait, the client must put down a 50% session prepayment to reschedule.


Custom CU (closeup) Headshot: is $350.00 which yields one shot retouched – additional selections are $60.00/per image with world-class retouching and up to two revisions. Shot with Nikon Flagship D5 camera and Portrait lens, Custom Hollywood continuous lighting and grip, tether capture for immediate viewing and filter selection choice. Both Landscape and Vertical images captured, approx 100+ images shot, immediate editing session afterward for selection with invoice generated for payment. Two wardrobe changes, Makeup station. Expect 5-7 business days to have retouched files returned once selections are made during the session. For RUSH JOBS add $100.00 to the base fee of $350.00 and retouching fees increase to $75.00/image for two-three day turn around. Should you want to employ two different background colors add $50.00 to the session fee. A wide variety of custom selected seamless colors are available, please inquire – add $100.00 for that selection. Plus Tax. Please see Google reviews below.
A full body shot: is $495.00 plus tax- yields one shot retouched – additional selections are $100.00/per image for retouching. Two wardrobe changes. With mirror reflective plexiglass flooring add $75.00. Plus Tax.
A full body shot + CU shot: with reflective floor surface is $850.00 plus tax-yields one CU shot retouched – additional selections for CUs are $60.00 for CU and $100.00/per image for full-body selection and retouching. Two wardrobe changes. Plus Tax.
A ½ body(waist up) shot + CU (Close Up) shot: is $695.00 plus tax – yields one shot retouched – additional selections are $60.00/per image for retouching. Two wardrobe changes. Plus Tax.
Pro Team CU Portraits one shot and multi-shot Panoramic Group portraits (waist up): 2 CU shots of both individuals and ½ body (waist up) in two-person group is $1150.00 – yields two CU retouched images. Additional CU selections are $60.00/per image for retouching. Two wardrobe changes. Plus Tax. Selections for the two-person group shot are $100.00 per retouched image. A 3 person team with CUs and a 3 person group shot is $1650.00 this yields 3 retouched CU images retouched. Additional CU selections are $60.00/per image for retouching. Two wardrobe changes. Plus Tax. selections for the 3 group shot are $100.00 per retouched image. Note: over 3 people requires a major studio configuration and increased cost. A 4 person team with CUs and a four-person group shot is $2350.00 plus tax, this yields 4 retouched CU images retouched. Additional CU selections are $60.00/per image for retouching. selections for the 4 group shot are $100.00 per retouched image. The maximum 5 person team is $2700.00 and yields 5 CU images retouched. Additional CU selections are $60.00/per image for retouching. selections for the 5 group shot are $100.00 per retouched image.
Pro Group/Team ½ body (waist up) one shot and multi-shot Panoramic Portraits: 2 shot group is $800.00 – yields one group retouched image – additional selections are $100.00/per image for retouching for two – A 3rd person ½ body (waist up)group image is $250.00/extra or $1050.00 for three people and yields one group retouched image – additional selections are $100.00/per image for retouching for three people. Note: Over 3 people requires a major studio lighting reconfiguration and added costs. A 4 person ½ body (waist up)group image is $1450.00 yields one group retouched image, additional selections are $100.00/per image for retouching for four people. Plus Tax. A maximum for my studio 5 person ½ body (waist up)group image is $1700.00. yields one group retouched image, additional selections are $100.00/per image for retouching of 5 people. Note: Faded-out backgrounds (such as landscapes, buildings, sports, industrial images are available for an additional $300.00 for a selected image.
Studio Family Portraits: 2 people ½ body (waist up) is $695.00. Additional family members including infants are $100.00 each. Hence three people = $795.00, 4 = $895.00
Exterior Couple, Staff or Family Landscape Portraits: using location fee properties and Professional Makeup Artist, Profoto B1 Strobes w/ beauty dishes for fill and Nikon 5D please call for information. Photography and Assistant required: $750.00 for Photographer, $450 for Assistant with Tether capture, Light rental $250.00, $50 for 85MM Lens rental, Location fee est. $125.00, Optional but highly recommended Makeup Artist $500.00, Full group retouching $100/ per selected image, NC for Nikon D5 and lenses/filtration and computer. Base Fee: Approx. $2500.00 tax for one selected retouched image – additional selected CU’s $40.00/per images for retouching for individual shots and $50.00 for doubles retouching. Plus Tax.
Studio and Exterior Package w/ Senior High School Photography Special Rate: Interior CU (recommended for internships, social media and posterity) and Exterior Standups (waist up) at close to studio location or yard. Base Rate: $695.00 includes Flagship Nikon D5, Studio CU’s, and Exterior images w/ professional makeup artist, Yields one retouched image. All additional images are $60.00 per CU image and $75.00 for larger waist up selected images. Editing done after shoot. Friends and family of Senior to assist. If Local Permit Fees … estimated $100.00. Plus Tax. Exterior CU’s only with Makeup Artist and photographer (family/friends to assist) and grip/light shaping is $495.00 Plus tax. NOTE: For all other age groups this studio/exterior package is $795.00 for CU and Exterior photography.
Band Photography: Prep and Post $400/day for photographer, Photography shoot day $1250.00 with 21MP Sensor Flagship Nikon D5 and lens kit, Assistant $450.00 with Phase One Capture and Tether. Makeup $500/day, Studio Rental includes 16’White Cyc (Cove) $450.00/day, Craft Service 300.00, painting $100.00, 8’Para Broncolor light $100.00/day, Group Retouching, Compositing $125.00 per selected image, selections made day of the shoot or fee is $400/ for extra day edit session. APPROX BASE FEE: $3500.00 – does not include additional HIGH MB Nikon D850 @ 47MB for instance, if CU Studio look is additionally requested of Carmichael Studio breakdown/transport/setup fee is $350.00 plus 100.00 Transportation Van rental fee. Suggested PA @ $150/day. Fees for selected image retouching as per quotes above. $75.00 retouching fee on CU’s. Plus Tax.
Event/Conference/Documentary Photography Coverage: Camera Kit – D5 Nikon with 100mm, 50mm f1.4 lenses and f2.8 zooms are included in photographers rate of $1400.00/day. This rate reflects my day rate plus compensation for editing time since it will become a 2nd day. ASAP editing is then done on at Carmichael Studio’s via LRCC computer and software. This is the fastest way to view/edit the work. Following selection of images – The preferred method employs my world class retoucher using PS software whereby selected images (over 30 files minimum) which are retouched @ $20.00/per image. If under 30 images @ $25.00/per retouched image. This post approach offers the best continuity and overall high-imapact images. If lighting is required then an Assistant Camera Person is required and their rate is $450.00day. B1 ProFoto strobe lights are an additional $250.00/day plus grip/softboxes and Mola Beauty Dish is $150/day. Please ask to see the two glossy books we have created for a reference along with our PhotoGRAPHICvideo seen in the above menu.
Re-edit session policy: A request to return to the edited images that were saved is $50.00/hour. Additional selections are $60.00/image retouched. Plus Tax.

For additional pricing and session booking please call (o) 303 955.7065

My Clients enjoy visiting our Boulder Landmarked Historical home that has been renovated to Leeds Platinum Certification. Our Boulder property is one of the most energy efficient homes in America and it houses a custom 1,000 Sq.ft. photography studio, make-up station and entrance way Gallery – all making for a memorable and productive photographic session. Please visit the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) website for a video by Bob Carmichael on the construction phase of the property –“>


No unretouched files will be released from the studio, NO exceptions. Retouching is a critical phase of our workflow and raw files are not representative of finished work. Once the photo session is completed which involves some 100 images. The Client and Bob Carmichael set down to review and edit via Light Room CC. At this point final images are client approved and sent in for retouching. If an additional editing session is requested the cost is $60.00/hr and any additional images are $60.00 for retouching. Note: Image files will be kept for Six Months from the date of the session. Reviews of images during that time will cost $75.00 to access and review. Retouching fees per basic image remain $60.00.


Editing decisions for selected images are made immediately following photography, then sent to retouching so please allow approx 2 hours for a basic complete photography and edit session. Group portraits session times TBD.

* Very honored to present 100+ Google FIVE STAR posted Google reviews for Carmichael Productions Headshots:


101. Terri Taydus ★★★★★

Bob is extremely professional and at the same time warm and friendly (which makes all the difference if you are uncomfortable in front of a camera like I am 😉 The end result was fabulous photos that I struggled to choose between (so I chose 4 of them!) The studio is amazing and set to capture the best possible you. I would highly recommend Carmichael Productions to anyone needing personal or professional photos./

100. Paul Rudolph ★★★★★

I received many compliments on my recent head shots. The credit goes to Bob Carmichael of Carmichael Productions in Boulder. In addition to being seasoned cinematographer, he’s a very talented portrait photographer. He works with top notch equipment and lighting to produce extraordinary photographs. Bob is passionate about his work and it shows. He takes him time to exercise his craft and is very customer oriented. I’m extremely happy with the results and would not hesitate to recommend his services./

99. Kayleigh Vaughan ★★★★★
Bob was a delight to work with and extremely professional. He talks to you like you are an old friend and will not let you leave without getting an image you love. I highly recommend hiring Bob if you take your own professionalism seriously.

98. Maria Nash ★★★★★
Bob’s work is excellent, he is meticulous and very professional. I am very pleased with the head shot results and the overall experience.

97. Amy Yoder ★★★★★

Bob Carmichael is wonderful! The entire experience of taking my headshot photos was very professional and also relaxing in his high tech studio. I highly recommend Bob!

96. Eva Nash ★★★★★

For someone who avoids the camera at all costs, having a professional headshot was not something I looked forward to. Bob made the experience comfortable and fun, and the photos turned out great. I highly recommend his services. I recently updated my headshots with Bob, and once again, the experience and results were fantastic. I wouldn’t use anybody else.

95. Stefan Schwietzke ★★★★★

I had a great experience with Bob. Speaking as a layman, the core of his studio is what you would expect from a professional photo studio. The space around it has a very relaxing atmosphere that put me at ease. Bob is fun to work with, and the final product speaks for itself. Outstanding quality in terms of color, lighting, and background. If you’re looking for something beyond a standard headshot and instead an expression of yourself with visible artistry, Bob is a great resource.

94.Laurie Kaufman ★★★★★

Bob is incredibly talented and makes you feel completely at ease and comfortable during the shoot. I had a ton of fun, and I am THRILLED with the result. Thanks Bob! Your professionalism is evident in the end product. I can’t wait to see you again next year.

93. Joslyn Sharshad ★★★★★

Bob takes fantastic photos! His studio and equipment are state of the art. He knows his camera and how to use light to bring out your best qualities. He made me feel comfortable (not rushed or posed like I’ve felt in sessions with other photographers) and he catered to my needs and requests. I am EXTREMELY happy with my varied headshots. He kicked my business up a notch!

92. Arianna Konstantopoulos ★★★★★

I had such an amazing experience working with Bob! He is an incredibly talented photographer and has a great eye for what looks good. I am so, so happy with the headshots he recently took of me! His cameras and equipment are very high end and he can truly create any look you want. Bob’s studio is very professional and he is very friendly, kind, and engaged, which makes the process a lot of fun. His work is truly top-notch and I would recommend him without a doubt!

91.Debbie Brinley ★★★★★

We hired Bob to do my daughter’s senior portraits. He was amazing. He spent so much time working with us to make sure we got exactly what we wanted. He did tons of shots in his studio and then we hiked up into the hills to get some great outdoor shots. His pricing was very reasonable and every photo we got was nothing short of spectacular. He was a joy to work with and we could not be happier.

90.Helen Bassett ★★★★★

Bob is a super cool guy, and his shots are so stunning, you’ll be surprised when you see yourself look that good!

89.Ken Ballard★★★★★

A wonderful experience. Bob has an excellent professional studio, a very creative and discerning eye, and photography talent beyond compare. I absolutely recommend Carmichael Productions!

88.Jonathan Simisky ★★★★★

Could not be better. Bob is a true pro, his studio is top shelf, and the entire experience coupled with the quality outcome was the best.

87.Carla Armstrong ★★★★★

Highly recommend! The quality of Bob’s work is remarkable. I had head shots done. He puts you at ease, is warm and engaging, and captures your true nature on film. He makes the entire process a pleasure. Give him a try … you’ll be glad you did.

86. Chelsea Jewell ★★★★★

Bob took all the headshots for our company’s website & marketing. He took the time to sit and review photos with each of us (20 employees) and pick out our favorites – when he emailed the files, we were floored! His attention to detail and personal touch came out in the final product. We will absolutely use him for all our future headshot needs!

85. Robin Brenneise ★★★★★

I was so fortunate to find Bob Carmichael when I was searching for a photographer to shoot my daughters’ senior photographs. They are stunning! The studio experience was fun and the equipment, lighting, and diligence and expertise with which Bob performs his work supports the fact that he is a world class photographer. Truly, to have him shoot my daughters’ senior photos made the occasion as special as it was. Thank you Bob for documenting this transitional time in our lives with such professionalism, skill and artistry. I highly recommend Bob Carmichael for any of your photography needs.

84. Catherine McHale ★★★★★

Bob did a great job getting some varied and interesting head shots for my business. He was professional and knowledgable and working at this studio was a great experience. I highly recommend him.

83. Elizabeth Burger ★★★★★

I had the most fantastic experience working with Bob on my new head shots. From start to finish, the experience was top notch! He has a beautiful home studio with state of the art equipment that allows for a professional and efficient session. He really knows how to make you relax in front of the camera, which makes for very natural images. I was so pleased with the turnaround time for the re-touched final images, and the quality is amazing! His portfolio speaks for itself.

82. Jennifer Gilligan ★★★★★
My photo session was an experience I won’t forget. I have never been photographed professionally and I felt comfortable and more importantly I had a great time. I was relaxed and felt right at home. Bob made the experience fun and inviting! Thank you.

81. Aku Deasi ★★★★★

Bob is very professional and really gets into his work. He is great at what he does and knows how to get the right shot (and there were a lot to choose from). I would highly recommend him for his photography and glad to support him and his local Boulder business.

80. Milena Halek ★★★★★

We chose Bob Carmichael to update our professional business photos. We are so glad that we did. My only thought is, “Why did we wait so long?” Bob did a fabulous job posing us and getting the right look for both my partner and myself. The atmosphere he creates is relaxed, but professional. The whole process was extremely efficient and classy. I can’t say enough about his talent. I have no doubt that he will get you the shot of a lifetime. Sincerely, Broadway Smiles

79. Jesse Hughes ★★★★★

Bob Carmichael is the guy to go to if you want a photo job done right. I wanted to get some professional headshots done for work now that I’m going into the TV business, and we worked together for a couple of hours before we looked over the shots. Ultimately, there were so many amazing photos that, although they were expensive to pay for, I just had to buy a few extras. Highly recommend hiring Bob for the job, and I hope to work with him again in the future!

78. Geoffrey Keys ★★★★★
Bob is a very creative and super talented photographer. I highly recommend!

77.Hunter Margolf ★★★★★

A lot changed in the 25 years since my last head shot: with the exception of the“dread” of having the headshot ! Enter Bob Carmichael, an accomplished photographer, who’s technical proficiency allows him the freedom to work effortlessly: capturing what he terms the “essence of your personality” The relaxed photo session was followed by a collaborative editing session between client and photographer. Proving to be empowering, and yielding positive results. Bob Carmichael: is as straightforward and charming, as he is gifted, and his sincerity translates confidence to his clients that creates inspired results. I cant wait to do it all over again! Thank you Bob Hunter K. Margolf principal Spatial Relations.

76. Joel Murphy ★★★★★

Best experience from our entire executive team with professional photos – Bob Carmichael is a super delight and makes every photo beyond great.

75. Chris Andrews ★★★★★

Top-notch professional headshots! Bob’s studio is in his beautiful Boulder home, and he has everything needed and the positive attitude to bring out your best. We took many photos and were able to quickly narrow down the four I chose to keep. His rates are reasonable and the turnaround for the expertly retouched proofs was very speedy. I highly recommend!

74. Tommy Miller ★★★★★

I am a psychologist and was looking for professional headshots which conveyed a sense of warmth and presence. Bob was fantastic to work with, he really made the whole experience feel comfortable and fun. He was able to capture my personality in the photo’s and took really welcoming photos. Could not be more satisfied with the whole experience!

<73. Daphne Queen ★★★★★

Bob is a total pro! I had him take new real estate head shots for me and they turned out so amazing. His beautiful portraits is what drew me to him and now after working with him I know why people keep coming back. He is a joy to work with, witty , interesting and his life’s work has an amazing story that is so captivating. Can’t say enough great things about his work and the photographer who makes the ordinary look extraordinary!

72. Dana Laursen ★★★★★

Bob is a consummate professional who strives for getting the shot that is absolutely flattering because it also captures the personality of the individual(s) he is photographing. Bob is talented, hard working and skilled- but also compassionate, warm and engaging, thus encouraging anyone he encounters to naturally be “present” for the photo shoot. His rates are reasonable and, frankly, it’s a gift to have the best of the best in the photo and film industry right here in Boulder.

71. Christina Bremner ★★★★★
If you need a professional head shot Bob Carmichael is your best source. He captures beautiful pictures that you will be proud to use. I am very camera shy and because of Bob I was able to relax with the welcoming environment he creates. He is far the most talented photographer you will find! I often refer Bob to others and all have thanked me for it!

70. Marybeth Emerson ★★★★★
WOW – what a wonderful experience my photo shoot was! I’m not particularly comfortable in front of the camera so I was a bit nervous going in to get some new professional images. Bob made me feel at home and relaxed from the moment I arrived. The studio was sleek yet understated (the studio is behind his house) and I selected music that helped me unwind and have fun with the shoot. The results were far better than what I expected and I’ve had so many people comment on how fabulous my new professional pics are. I highly recommend Bob and Carmichael Productions!

69. Cindy K Cruz ★★★★★
When you are in front of Bob’s lens you know you being photographed by one of the best. Experience and craft are evident in everything he shoots from the lighting, back ground and wardrobe choices. His attention to detail and ability to bring out the best in everyone he photographs is wonderful. Looking forward to updating my portrait.

68. Tamara Roske ★★★★★
We were extremely impressed with the quality of work that my son Xiuhtezcatl Martinez did with Carmichael Productions. Bob Carmichael has an artistic ability to bring together his subjects in locations and capture very uniquely beautiful photo’s. The photographs he took of Xiuhtezcatl have been used in very high profile magazines and articles across the planet. We are excited to work with him again in the future!

67. Dr. Anne Wilson: ★★★★★
I went to Carmichael Productions as I wanted a great photo for professional use. Bob has an award winning background as a film director and his studio and equipment are state of the art. Bob instantly made me feel at ease and made the session fun. He knows what it takes to get a great photo through professional lighting and retouching. The end result is a really distinctive portrait. I came away from the experience knowing that Bob did not stop until he had obtained a great result – and he really cared about my goals. I have used my professional photo for national websites related to my work in academic health care and am consistently told the photo is amazing!

66. Dan Kaplan:★★★★★
If you’re looking for a true professional, then Bob’s your photographer. I was a little nervous about getting my pictures taken. I felt welcomed and at ease immediately. Bob made this a fun, no pressure experience. Highly Recommend!

65.Kirsten Barkmeier:★★★★★
I really enjoyed working with Bob! He made me feel comfortable during the shoot. We had a lot of fun and ended up with some great shots. I will definitely use him when it’s time to update my head shots again!

64. John Windsor:
I used Bob Carmichael’s services recently for new headshots. It was a real pleasure to be in the hands of a pro for this, and the results were outstanding. It was hard to narrow down the choices, as Bob got so many excellent shots. Having had headshots done in the past (in NYC), the quality of Bob’s work just leapt off his web page, and it was even more impressive in person. His rates were very reasonable, given the quality of his work. You’ll be very happy with his work.

63. Phil Cogdill:★★★★★
I was required to have a portrait taken for my work and found Bob to be fantastic and he was able to capture a couple excellent shots which I have already used for work and publications. Bob has a fantastic eye for portraits and know how to work his subject to capture a number of great looks which really was helpful. I highly recommend going to Bob for any of your Portrait needs.

62. Joan Soper:★★★★★
My twins had their senior pictures, and my son had head shots taken by Bob. The shoot was a very friendly, professional, and fun experience, and we all had a great time. The results were wonderful, and we were able to choose our photos right then rather than waiting for weeks as with some photographers. I highly recommend Bob for your portrait needs.

61. Annie Lappe:★★★★★
Such a great X-mas card photo session. He really captured the essence of our two little girls. Very iconic “Boulder” look too.

60. Brian Rabin Photography LLC:★★★★★
I have known Bob Carmichael for about 10 years and I have always admired both the images he creates as well as his passion for photography. I have often thought the results he achieves are a direct result of his professional approach to his craft and his keen attention to detail. In recent years, I have noticed his signature style portraits (graduated gray to black backgrounds), on social media and in people’s homes in Boulder County and I think it is a great look. With that being said, I was fortunate to have my head shot taken by Bob at his studio (studio one) in Boulder just a few weeks ago. As a professional photographer, I generally enjoy looking through the lens of a camera and deciding when it is the right time to capture the moment. It is rare for me to be on the other side of the camera. In fact, I do not always enjoy the role of being the subject. This was not the case, while working with Bob. While sitting for my head shot, I found Bob to be the perfect director. That is, he noticed subtle changes in my expressions and posture that would reflect the person who I am at this point in time and he was able to both direct and capture that. In the end, he produced a great portrait. Thank you Bob.

59. Lara Johnson:★★★★★
I had such a great overall experience! Bob was not only professional and skilled, he also brought a level of comfort, fun, and personalization to the photo shoot that resulted in what I found to be several surprisingly lovely shots of myself. The hardest part was choosing which ones I liked best.

58. Luara Kubiak:★★★★★
Bob was wonderful to work with, and I love the headshots he did for me. He is a talented professional, and creates a very comfortable and relaxed environment to bring out your best. His process for choosing photos after the shoot is streamlined, and he really cares about you being happy with the results. I also appreciated his timely and responsive communication. I would highly recommend Bob, and will use him again in the future.

57. Sari Levy:
I had a really nice time getting my headshots…felt like a day at the spa with great conversation and music. The product was impressive as well.

56. Roger Cambor:★★★★★
I had a very positive experience with Bob during a recent portrait shoot for my website. He was obviously very experienced; he was friendly and very professional as well. I am quite pleased with the result and can recommend him highly!

55. Tracy Martino:★★★★★
I was looking for someone to help me create a beautiful, professional and creative photo for my book cover! Bob delivered this beyond my expectations. His attention to detail and professionalism gave me the results I asked for. Thank you Bob!

54. Kevin Donald:★★★★★
My wife and I chose Bob Carmichael to shoot Bryce’s head shot because of Bob’s ability to capture a young actor’s character. This ability is not a universal trait common to all portrait photographers who may or may not be sensitive enough to pick-up on a young actors intrinsic personality. Bob has this quality and it shows in his images. Bryce’s agent loves the series of shots Bob captured for this very reason. I enjoyed working with Bob during my head shot session. He made me feel very comfortable and his direction was specific and easy to follow. I am stoked with the results. Bryce Donald Q6 Talent Portland, Oregon.

53. Scott Rennak:★★★★★
It was a real treat to work with Bob on my new professional headshot. The personal touch and keen eye were apparent from the moment I got there. I thought I was prepared, but he told me to put on one of his shirts and shave most of my beard off. It was the right call, and he delivered a shot that will help me grow my career. Thanks Bob!

52. Marian Rothschild:★★★★★
For years I had seen other entrepreneurs’ headshots that were absolutely gorgeous and I envied them. Mine had always been good, not great. Then I experienced a Bob Carmichael photo shoot and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. I finally feel like the shots we settled on are true reflections of the real me, how I want to be seen. The entire experience was extremely efficient and utmost professional.

51. Brett Astor:★★★★★
Bob is a true professional and highly skilled with headshot. He knew how to create the an environment that I’d be comfortable in and it really came through in the shots. I highly recommend him.

50. Amie MacKenzie:★★★★★
Bob’s studio is absolutely top notch. He took the time to help me figure out the concept for my new shots, and took time after to help me sort through and find the best ones. From the state of the art lighting, to the music selection for the shoot, Bob had everything covered. Getting head shots taken is probably my least favorite activity, but Bob made it a great day all the way around.

49. Angela Moss:★★★★★
I find taking professional photos a challenge as they are usually quite stiff. Bob did a great job of making me feel relaxed from the moment I walked into his lovely home/studio. He played music I like and had me twirl around on my stool and ad lib a bit instead of just sitting still. Bob made sure that he captured my true spirit and created a professional photo that I love. I highly recommend him.

48. Larry Parrish:★★★★★
We recently had Bob photograph our family–three generations, including our 8 month-old Granddaughter. It was an all-day affair, and a wonderful experience. Bob’s studio is amazing–very professional, with great equipment and comfortable spaces for the clients. The photos were fantastic. He even made me look good! Bob was delightful to work with–very friendly, generous, talented, and PATIENT. I heartily recommend Bob to anyone looking for a great photo experience.

47. Kirk Westergard:★★★★★
I generally dislike getting my picture taken. But the experience was different with Bob. His landmark home is beautiful and filled with landscape pictures that immediately put you at ease. The studio is light and modern and looks out to a garden. Before shooting, Bob carefully worked with the lighting to get the best look and minimize glare. He makes you feel comfortable and valued which helps you relax and get great pictures. I would highly recommend Bob – a nice guy and a consummate professional.

46. Isabelle McDowell:★★★★★
My photo shoot with Bob was an all around excellent experience. His professional and friendly demeanor helped me feel very relaxed and my photo shoot was a lot of fun! I’m usually critical of pictures of myself and he was able to capture so many good shots that it was difficult to choose which one we liked best. I highly recommend him for your professional head shots, you will not be disappointed!!!

45. Susie Hayes:★★★★★
Bob was a pleasure to work with. He was thoughtful about capturing Access Opportunity’s first fundraising event and arrived prepared to work with difficult lighting. He captured the event beautifully and really told the story of the evening. He gave us a range of photos including candids, posed photos, food and drink stations, auction items, and more. We could not have been more pleased.

44. Julia Cantarovici:★★★★★
I am one of those people who HATES to be photographed. I’m not photogenic, or so I thought until I had a photo session with Bob Carmichael. I love what I do for a living (real estate broker), but I don’t care for the branding component of it that involves your photo on everything. I arrived for my photo session with Bob dreading that I was going to be photographed, but I knew that it was time to update my current head shot. Immediately upon sitting down and watching Bob in action, I knew it was going to be a shoot like no other. I felt like a super model, which I’m not! He made the session fun and pushed me out of my comfort zone so that he could capture the “real” me. I truly could not believe the results. For the first time EVER, I liked my photos. In fact, I liked so many of them, that it was difficult to choose which one to go with. The entire experience was fantastic. I have started updating my photos where applicable and the compliments are embarrassing. Not because they’re rude, but because so many people are commenting on how amazing my new head shot looks. The irony is that it really captures me. It’s not a glamour shot of the 80s. It truly looks like the best version of me. I could not be happier with the results and I cannot emphasize enough how crazy it sounds coming from me, that I actually love a picture of myself. Bob is a magician with the camera. He instinctively knows how to find the “best you” and photograph it. I could not be more please with the results.

43. John Coy:★★★★★
I just finished a high end project with Bob Carmichael that was a celebratory memorial book for an international educator. Bob both managed the project and provided the remarkable photography which was the basis of the book (both majestic Colorado environmental panoramas and intimate, telling, personal photos of family and associates. The result was a wonderfully realized personal tribute that our sophisticated client was extremely pleased with. Bob was able to capture the spirit of the man being celebrated—expansive and powerful, but at the same time tender, personal and humble— not easy, but Bob is an extraordinarily caring and talented guy who notices and pays careful attention to detail. Besides all this, he is terrific to work with. I highly recommend Bob Carmichael.

42. Leslie Ethridge:★★★★★
Bob is the best! He’s incredibly professional, yet makes you feel very relaxed. He’s a master of light. If you need a head shot, I can’t recommend anyone more.

41. Nicholas Thompson:★★★★★
Bob is the absolute best. I joke that I have a disability in that it is impossible for me to take a good picture. I started my business and needed a photo for my website, I tried to do it myself and I put up a photo that I took. I actually received feedback that I had lost a prospective client because of how unflattering my photo was. That was the last straw, so I went to the best, I went to Bob Carmichael and what he pulled off was an absolute miracle. Bob kept things light and fun, and I left with THREE photos that I loved. I have never had ONE photo that I liked. My experience with Bob could not have been better. Total pro and a really nice guy! If you want the best, you know where to go.

40. Meghan Bach:★★★★★
Bob has a keen eye and heart for his work. He brings out the REAL, the soul, in all of his subjects.

9. Jennifer Eiss:★★★★★
I needed to update my professional head shot and asked a few of my colleagues who had portraits that I particularly admired for their recommendations. They all had the same answer, Bob Carmichael. The session and head shot exceeded my expectations. His studio is state of the art, he makes the session fun and relaxed, and I was pleased with the final product (and I usually hate the way I look in pictures). The final product was delivered quickly and in a format that is easy to work with.

38. Terri Taydus:★★★★★
Bob came highly recommended to me for my updated professional headshots and he exceeded my expectations! I am very uncomfortable in front of the camera, and he managed to get multiple great shots (he even got me to relax!) – it was actually hard to choose. I would HIGHLY recommend Carmichael Productions to anyone looking for an excellent, professional photographer (and all around nice guy to boot). Great work, professional atmosphere – you can’t go wrong.

37. Lynne elSaguirre:★★★★★
Bob Carmichael is the consummate professional. He scouted the outside location with me before the shoot, did many takes and then shot pictures inside his well-appointed and professional quality studio. I was dreading having new pictures taken for my website but I could not be more pleased with the result. Bob made me look like myself but the very best version of myself. I would recommend him without qualification.

36. Jean Palamarv:★★★★★
Recently I had the opportunity to meet Bob Carmichael, and watch as he worked his photographic magic for a special shoot for a magazine cover. Bob has a wonderful way of putting his subjects at ease and engaging with them during the process. It was critical that Bob capture the essence of the two subjects, so that readers of the magazine are drawn in and want to know more about the subjects. And did he ever succeed! The end result is all I could have hoped for and more!

35. Derek M Coffey:★★★★★
Bob Carmichael is excellent. The highest standards. Quick turn around times and I’ve received numerous raving reviews on my new headshot! So much so, others are already asking me where the work was done. The quality of the photo is exceptional. If you’re interested in the best, simply use Bob Carmichael!

34. Michiko Theurer:★★★★★
Bob is extremely professional and worked very hard to make sure that I got a high-quality headshot. He has a good eye tailored toward ensuring that the finished product is immaculate. Based solely on my experience with his studio portraiture, I would recommend his work more to anyone who is going for a flattering, flawless studio look than to someone looking for a more candid approach.

33. Eva Marie:★★★★★
For someone who avoids the camera at all costs, having professional headshot was not something I looked forward to. Bob made the experience comfortable and fun, and the photos turned out great. I highly recommend his services.

32. John Brantley:★★★★★
I needed to update my professional photos for business and all of the social networks I am on. Bob came recommended to me by a friend and his work is outstanding. I highly recommend him for your photo shoot requirements.

31. Amy Gilbride:★★★★★
Extremely professional and takes world class head shots. I use mine for my business and get countless compliments on it. I highly recommend Carmichael Productions!

30. Gloria Kohl:★★★★★
Bob did a fantastic job helping me to relax in front of the camera. The result was his capturing what I wanted this portrait to convey. Thank you, Bob.

29. Randy Trahan:★★★★★
Bob is a true professional. He has a great eye and even better personality. I could not help but to let myself go and really be open in his presence (makes for a great portrait). I got lucky when I found Bob.

28. Laura Menze:★★★★★
I needed new head shots and had insecurities about how I looked since I had gained in age and weight since the last time I had my photo professionally taken. When sitting down to take photos with Bob, I could feel his passion for his work. You would think that, after many years of doing his work, the passion would have worn off but instead, it was like its own energy in the room. His passion for his work made me feel, not only worthy of having my photo taken, but attractive and beautiful. Bob truly loves what he does and, when you sit down with him, you’ll experience that passion too!

27. Bob Wilson:★★★★★
Bob made getting my headshots an easy and comfortable experience! His facility and technology, along with his direction, made me look great. I’ve had many compliments on my photos. He’s a real pro, and a nice guy.

26. Cindy Wilson:★★★★★
I worked with Bob to get a new professional head shot done. He was fantastic to work with. Getting photographed can be stressful and then the results show it. But Bob makes you comfortable from the start. Plus he has such knowledge of lighting and knows just what to say to get you to relax and be yourself. I have had tons of compliments on my photo. I immediately recommended him to two colleagues, whose results were just as fabulous.

25. Richard Palmer-Smith:★★★★★
As a public speaker and executive business consultant, I have worked with many photographers in my time. Bob Carmichael is without peer. I could easily speak to his state of the art studio (the best I’ve worked in) or his command of light and mood (exceptional), but his true genius lies in his ability to capture the genuine essence of his subject. Even my test shot to check the lighting was a keeper! I settled on six, grand-slam-home-run shots and use them extensively throughout my business. People who know me well comment on how well the pictures capture who I am. I feel like I took George Clooney pills! More than that, I fell confident that at every turn, my best face is on my business. Richard Palmer-Smith President Bigger Better More LLC

24. Angela McCormick:★★★★★
Recently I worked with Bob Carmichael to have a new professional photo taken and what a wonderful experience I had! Bob is professional, skilled beyond question, and absolutely delightful to work with; it was a fun photo shoot and the results were stunning. Bob was efficient with both his time and mine which I appreciated, and his process was smooth throughout. I left his studio with several outstanding images and a big smile on my face. Friends and colleagues have complimented me on my new image, and I say “it was really Bob Carmichael’s doing”. I highly recommend him.

23. Catherine Weiss:★★★★★
Bob was incredible and his work is unbelievable. What a talented professional! I recommend him to anyone.

22. Pam Meetzger:★★★★★
Bob does a great job with lighting and positioning and gives his clients a lot of choices for what they want in their photo. He really helps to pare down the options and choose just the right photo from the many many shots he takes. He is very positive and encouraging to work with – makes you feel special and also brings out the best in you! Great experience!

21. Jennifer Fly:★★★★★
I recently worked with Bob at his beautiful Boulder studio for my new professional real estate head shots. He was fun to work with and made me feel very comfortable during the process. He really took the time to make sure that we got the perfect shots. I love the images he created and have had countless compliments on them. We have also used some of Bob’s landscape images of the Boulder area for my company, and they are absolutely stunning. I would HIGHLY recommend Bob for any photography needs.

20. Liz Benson:★★★★★
I used Bob to take my business head shots. He has an impressive studio and I felt like he took the time to make my photos the best they could be and would highly recommend him.

19. Simine Tepper:★★★★★
I had the pleasure of hiring Bob Carmichael to take some photos of me as I needed some for my family and also for a professional project I’m working on. I found Bob to be the ultimate professional. His eye for detail, his experience at making people relax in front of the camera, and his advice when picking the best shots (out of many that he takes), is invaluable. I highly recommend Bob’s photography and I would be happy to work with him again!

18. Leah Nickie:★★★★★
I recently worked with Bob in his beautiful, state of the art studio in Boulder. I needed an updated, professional head shot for my website and Bob came very highly recommended. After looking at his work, I felt confident he could create the perfect image. I am completely phobic in front of the camera, and the thought of the photo shoot actually made me feel physically ill. Bob helped me relax and with his expertise and guidance he managed to not only get a great shot, but he captured so many beautiful images it was hard narrowing it down to the best ones. I would highly recommend working with Bob.

17. Kelly Gray:★★★★★/span>
Photography with Bob is an experience. The studio environment is welcoming, full of energy and equipped with top-quality cameras and tools. Most importantly, the man behind the camera is an expert in so many mediums…I was honored he was willing to do my headshots with the background that he has. We met in the agency environment and I was more famliar with his work on commercials and films (which is incredible). Bob knew how to make me comfortable behind the camera and coach me through what he could see & wanted to see through the lense. Hands down, he’s amazing and I am so happy with the results of his work.

16. Tom Wilcoxen:★★★★★
Working with Bob was truly a pleasure. Not having done a professional photo shoot before, I was a little nervous going in. However, Bob was friendly, approachable and efficient. The experience was great and the results were exceptional. I’ll certainly recommend him to friends and colleagues that need his services.

15. Nitai Pathak:★★★★★
The photo and video shoot was amazingly well coordinated and ready to roll when I arrived which was key as I was coming in from Los Angeles. The setup, accomodations, professionalism and hospitality was great! I have never done a photo shoot or video before yet Bob made the experience very natural. He knows how to bring out the best in a person’s talents and abilities. It didn’t feel rushed at all and the careful time and consideration was given to make the shoot well worth it!

14. Suzanne Blons:★★★★★
Bob Carmichael photographed my headshots for both my website, and my work as a commercial talent. I am a successful makeup artist and have made up Al Gore, Barbara Bush, and Larry King to name a few, so I know a good photographer when I work with one. Not only does Bob have wonderful lighting and a terrific studio, he also knows how to help bring out the clients personality and essence, a crucial element in headshots. From start to finish (about three hours total), Bob was professional. From helping me decide on the wardrobe, positions in front of the camera, and general tone of the shot, to my picking the best pictures for my work. In fact, as soon as we finished the session, Bob and I sat down and went through the photos. I struggled to pick the best ones, finding it difficult to be objective about myself! I am wonderful in helping others decide what works for them, but notoriously bad in chosing for myself. He was patient, however; and we were able to come up with four excellent shots. He took a plethora of great pictures which made the decision all the more challenging! A good problem to have. I highly recommend Bob Carmichael for anyone wanting to have picures taken for headshots, fashion, or any other category you may need.

13. Mallory Kate Potock:★★★★★
I’ve worked with Bob Carmichael in the past, but have always been behind the camera as a producer. He is an amazing director and videographer- not to mention his outstanding still photography work. When given the opportunity to have him take some professional portraits of me, I jumped at the chance. I couldn’t be happier with the final product. The day was so much fun and the pictures are beautiful. Bob is a true talent and a joy to work with.

12. Sophie Harrington:★★★★★
Bob Carmichael did a fantastic photo shoot for me upon my graduation. Bob provided a wonderful studio for the photography, and was very approachable and engaging, working closely with my desired outcomes to create an excellent final photo. It was a fantastic experience, and I would highly recommend him for anything, especially classy and unique senior portraits.

>11. Roxanne Gould:★★★★★
My experiences with Carmichael Productions have always run smoothly. Every time a production takes place I know the results will be better than I could have imagined. It is professionalism at its’ best.

10. Robin Brenneise:★★★★★
I was so fortunate to find Bob Carmichael when I was searching for a photographer to shoot my daughters’ senior photographs. They are stunning! The studio experience was fun and the equipment, lighting, and diligence and expertise with which Bob performs his work supports the fact that he is a world class photographer. Truly, to have him shoot my daughters’ senior photos made the occasion as special as it was. Thank you Bob for documenting this transitional time in our lives with such professionalism, skill and artistry. I highly recommend Bob Carmichael for any of your photography needs.

9. Susan Boras:★★★★★
Bob was highly recommended to me when I was searching for a portrait photographer for my business shots. From the moment I walked into his remarkable home/studio to the time I received my portraits, Bob was the epitome of professionalism and efficiency. Bob’s keen eye and rare talent quickly captured my personality. The rave reviews I received were evidence that Bob hit the mark! I am thrilled with the results and will use Bob for my future portraits. If you are looking for the best, then hire Bob. He will exceed your expectations!

8. Lynn Hill:★★★★★
Since we worked together on a film called, “First Ascent”, which Bob produced in the early 1980’s, I’ve enjoyed his professionalism, integrity, and quality of work. It was a pleasure to work with Bob again in his state-of-the-art, energy efficient photography studio and I’m very happy with how these photos turned out!

7. Susan Wagers:★★★★★
Have you ever had a troubled relationship that lasted for years? I have – any time a camera got in my space, there was trouble. Not with the camera but with the photo of me. I am the LEAST photogenic person and have literally hated EVERY picture of me since 1st grade. With the re-launch of my business and the release of my new book, I panicked. Of course I needed pictures for my website, book covers, social networking sites, business cards but I didn’t know where to go. And then a miracle happened, I was introduced to Bob Carmichael. I took the leap of faith and let him take some pictures. OMG and WOW!! I didn’t think a photo shoot could be so fun and have such unbelievable results. The pictures were fantastic and just what I needed to re-launch ME! If you don’t use Bob Carmichael as your photographer, well – you must not need quality photos. Call Bob right now – you deserve the best!

6. Joyce Colson:★★★★★
Exceptional photography in every way by Bob Carmichael. From lighting, technique, professionalism, the shoot itself to the results, we can only say WOW! The best photographer in Boulder, Denver, Front Range, Colorado, the Rocky Mountains. We had our business website photos done by Bob and we are delighted with the photos.

5. Beverly Green:★★★★★
Bob Carmichael is bar-none, the best photographer in Colorado. I am NOT a photogenic individual and have never had a photograph with which I’ve been really pleased… until I worked with Bob. I get so many compliments on my picture, which I use for all social media and advertising with great success.

4. Sean Tuffs:★★★★★
Mr. Carmichael did my headshot for a feature in Forbes. He was professional, easy to work with, and REALLY good. I love the photo and have it hanging on my wall. I recommend him to everyone.

3. Annie Lappe:★★★★★
Bob is a pleasure to work with, fun and professional at the same time. I love my headshot!

2. Roger Briggs:★★★★★
Bob did a great job of taking the author photo that now appears on the back cover of my book. He’s a joy to work with – artistic, meticulous, sensitive, and fun.

1. Gwenivere Snyder:★★★★★
Bob is one of the best photographers I have worked with. My experience was amazing and the photo that we chose looks incredible! What a great person Bob is, he took time to light me perfectly and because of that I got the best possible photo. I highly recommend Bob.