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Adventure photography, sports photography, action photography, hero shots, sports photographer, I put these all under my Adventure category because I believe all sports are an Adventure – an adventure of the spirit and the body. Fundamentally my entire life has revolved around sports. I started playing Pop Warner Football in 3rd grade (not recommended) and played until I won a scholarship playing Division One football at the University of Colorado. After an ACL put an end to my career in one life-changing play, I turned to rock climbing in Eldorado Canyon, CO. This just happened to be in the golden age of first free ascents. I had some photography experience in high school with the student paper and the yearbook and I’d seen the movie Blow Up. I was interested enough that for three summers during college I was an intern at The ABC’s KGO-TV in San Francisco. There I was introduced to documentaries, news coverage, and lighting. So after college as a B team climber in Eldorado, I decided I should be the guy making movies about climbers, their philosophies and their skills. Turns out I was one of the pioneers in this Adventure Sports films genre as we now call them. My first staff job was a cameraman and editor at NFL FILMS. Since then, I’ve covered Olympic games, Super Bowls and every manner of sports in many places around the globe. I’ve worked with many great talents in this production field and I’ve seen and learned a lot. I continue to have a strong interest in capturing athletes in action. In 2011, I placed third in the National APA Photography Contest for my adventure image of ice climbing in the Vail Valley.

The images of the bike riders featuring idealized road signs and markings was a recent project done for the Cyclist 4 Community group here Boulder, CO. The assignment was to create messaging proposing bike safety on a declare Bike Loop in Boulder County. These images were blown up to present as Idea Panels or Story Boards to local officials to detail what the bike community was envisioning for road safety. I was the creative director and photographer of this assignment.

I bring thirty plus years of national commercial filmmaking perspective to my assignments and we would be honored to help you attain your marketing and branding goals. – Bob Carmichael

Portfolio session fees for professional athletes include a day long shoot resulting in the editing of the days images down to four professionally retouched images – this promotional package involves a makeup person and possibly a stylist and an assistant cameraman. Additionally if you want a really treasured Hero shot of you or yours in action then please set up a session.

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