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Architectural photography is a great collaborative shooting experience. The architects, builders, home owners and designers want their creation to look beautiful and we all work together to make that happen. We use a wireless iPad so the client can easily see our composition and we shooting tethered to our lap top using devices care of the very cool company Tethered Tools I like to use a number of Nikon B900 speedlights to fill and accent the space. I use the Ultimate Light Box System for light modification on my speedlights and I find it very effective. Our multi-frame HDR approach to image capture assures you that our images will span a wide tonal range to pick up detail inside and out.

I love architecture and have supervised two home constructions, one in Malibu, CA and one here in Boulder. I currently live in a 120-Year old Boulder Landmarked stone home which I completely renovated into a LEED Platinum Certified, 9.9K solar-run modern/old home. The requirements from Boulder’s Landmark Board were rigorous blending the old and the new was a delicate process. But in the end, we both learned from each other. We created a home that salutes the past while heralding the future of environmentally sound construction and sustainability. This house was a 110-year-old stone cottage and in run-down condition when it was purchased. Now with renovation and construction of 2300 sq. feet of new additional space it is a beautiful 3200 sq foot home that is one of the most energy efficient homes in America. LEED provides a checklist for a sustainable building strategy. Brad Burch is a green points certified architect here in Boulder and together with he and our builder Kevin Morningstar of Morningstar Homes we built a home under the highest sustainable certification level, achieving LEED Platinum Certification. This meant recycling materials, low VOC paints and materials, Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) in place of conventional framing, passive solar, on-property food production, LED lighting throughout, a water retaining swale in the landscape and a 10Kw PV system that provides the home with a surplus of energy. This home is open to tours and affiliations with such organizations as the Center for Resource Conservation and the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado. The home was built to inspire people to think green and consider their carbon footprints. – Bob Carmichael

As you can see, architectural photography is a subject I bring some experience and passion to. You’ll find a team of professionals with a sincere interest in architecture and a talent for finding the right perspectives to showcase your property.

Carmichael Productions Architectural Prices :

• Basic day rate is $1250.00/day.  This rate includes my time, Nikon Flagship camera, lenses, grip gear, computer/software and tripod kits.
• My assistant’s rate is $350.00/day. We shoot tethered and use multiple exposures for HDR finishing.
• Each selected image that is selected is $100.00/image.  Our retouching is world class. Colorado taxes are additional.

Inquiries are welcome please contact Carmichael Productions, Inc. by calling 303-955-7065 or email for more information about our services, pricing and availability.