fine art and purchasing

PLEASE NOTE: Fine art prints are ordered and purchased ONLY by contacting Carmichael Productions, inc. @ 303-955-7065 or emailing bc@bobcarmichael. ORDERING IS NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE. We prefer PayPal transactions for our print orders, this process is simple and they do take credit cards.

The images depicted here are relatively low resolution for convenient webviewing. My Fine Art Landscape prints are extremely high resolution medium format Hasselblad camera and glass images captured on film, and converted to digital files via the Trango laser drum scanner at West Coast Imaging. – Bob Carmichael

1. Framed with Laminate covering (no glass) pricing: includes UV protecting laminate over Chromira print, moulding, mounting, laminating process, 1” or 2” white liner.
16×20 = $345.00
20×24 = $545.00
24×30 = $745.00
30×40 = $1,425.00

2. Framed and 2x Matted with AR glass pricing: includes Chromira print, molding, mounting, 2X matte, AR Glass. Museum Glass is optional.
16×20 = $395.00
20×24 = $595.00
24×30 = $795.00
30×40 = $1,495.00

Panoramic Prints

32×60 = $2,750.00       37.5×70 = $3,100.00       42.75×80 = $3,750.00       50×93.5 = $4,900.00

print processing

Your print orders sustain my ability to venture out and capture natural images that I like to think, remind us of the beauty and sacredness of the natural world. As you can see from my images, venturing out means lots of logistics, and many days in the wilderness pursuing the magic light. I use the finest Hasselblad 645 camera and lenses, and I carry them on my back using LowePro Packs. As you can imagine this capture process is arduous and requires a great deal of time. My most recent Panorama image took several months of daily observation and 18 trips up an hour long steep uphill hike to finally hit the right light. The post production process involves one of the best labs in the country. I hope that explains the relatively high cost of one print. In 2009 and 2010, I was nominated 5 times for my work in Nature, Sports and Wildlife photography by the International Photography Masters Cup which is the leading international award honoring excellence in color photography.

For a closer look at the process, I take my prints through please read the attached link to Metal and Paper. Metal and Paper specializes in fine art prints and they are located in Oak Hurst, CA. Rick Selling runs this great company. They offer a wide host of photographic services but I swear by their state-of-the-art drum scans for my film and their Chomira Printing is sensational. My go-to guy is John Conner, he is a master photoshop wizard and interpreter who works on my digital files.

I appreciate your support of my work and hope you will choose to make my images part of your life.

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