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Carmichael Productions, inc. is a motion picture and still photography company located in Boulder, CO.


Bob Carmichael is a director, cameraman and photographer with both an Academy Award nomination and an Emmy Award to his credit.


Creating powerful images and visceral excitement is at the heart of where Carmichael as a Director and Cameraman excels. He has a natural affinity for working with athletes and talent. Having studied acting under Milton Katselas in LA, Bob has a solid understanding of how to create a set that is conducive to authentic, real-person-real-place performances. Carmichael Productions, Inc. has hard-earned expertise in mountain shooting, action sequences, marine shooting, and aerial photography. Furthermore, the company has worked extensively with top national and international brands and brings sophistication and know-how to those collaborations. Executive Producer Doug Millington is highly respected for his project analysis, bidding accuracy and line production expertise. Carmichael Productions, Inc. performance is based on the use of A-Level crews and top-tier post-production colleagues. Comprehensive Production Service support is available to out-of-state and out-of-country companies wanting to shoot in the Rocky Mountain region and beyond.











Bob Carmichael

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303-877-3456 or email dm@bobcarmichael or Bob Carmichael at 303 955.7065 bc@bobcarmichael for more information.