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For wedding and event photography bookings please call 303 955-7065

Wedding and event photography by an Academy Award-nominated and an Emmy Awarded director/photographer.

Carmichael’s Wedding and Event photography is often produced in association with Weslee Ferguson at LADigitalAssistant, and other top-level assistants. The end result is the artful capture of people as they experience peak life moments. Carmichael Photography approaches conferences, corporate events, and weddings as great opportunities to express high-level photographic skills either in still, motion capture or both. State of the art camera and lighting packages are used and your event will be additionally covered by accomplished, assistant camera-people, assuring two-camera coverage of your event. Retouching is handled by European commercial artists and the end results are extremely high-quality images that will be admired for a lifetime. Carmichael Photography takes great pride in our abilities and devotion to our clients. It is an honor to be invited into others’ personal lives.

Carmichael’s background includes 30 years of commercial directing on national brands and documentary production. He and his associates are well schooled in capturing one-take photographs. He has covered Super Bowls and Olympic Games among other journalistic assignments and brings that considerable experience and visual perspective to wedding and event photography.

Please take a look at the still to motion picture PhotoGRAPHICvideo technique created by our firm for those very special events that you will want to capture in a unique and award-winning fashion. This technique uses a high frame-rate capture of still photographs to simulate movement. These thousands of stills are edited into movie form and then a layer of captivating graphics are applied. Two of these videos we created for the band Maroon 5 have attracted hundreds of thousands of hits and seven Telly Awards in the online video category. For the most discerning of clients, a professional level video created with this technique along with a hundred plus page glossy coffee table book offers a spectacular opportunity to commemorate an event. Please request a password to view this luxury offering in our Private Gallery. – Bob Carmichael

Inquiries are welcomed, contact Carmichael Productions, inc. at 303-955-7065 or email bc@bobcarmichael for more information about our services, pricing and availability.