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For fashion photography session booking please call 303 955.7065

The fusion of art and commerce is what fashion photography is all about and I like both. I enjoy working with actors models and athletes. The atmosphere on my sets is always upbeat. Each shoot day is honestly a celebration of all the talent we represent as a photographic unit. Every person on our call sheet brings a strong skill set to the process and my attitude is that we are all fortunate to be working and doing what we love.


With help from my sister Katie Carmichael, a film and still photography producer from Miami, I got into the fashion photography and the catalog world. Bringing my national brand commercial directors experience onto my still sets translates well into running smooth productions. Given my motion picture production background, see Director’s Reel, it is natural for us to shoot video and stills for our fashion shoots and we do both at a high level. Our experience covers a wide sweep from beauty to couture, to active and extreme sportswear. We have outstanding pre-production and post-production capabilities and offer state of the art Hasselblad or Nikon capture with digi tech, tethered control. Based in Colorado we offer the diverse range of locations: plains, foothills, urban, mountain, river, canyon, and deserts. We are well versed in these locations and know how to work in any exterior environment no matter how extreme.

In addition to fashion photography we produce model and athlete portfolios. We welcome Production Service inquiries. We have expertly hosted a number of foreign companies and agencies here in Colorado. – Bob Carmichael


We welcome inquiries. Please contact Carmichael Productions, inc. via email or call 303-955-7065.