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The Pleasantness of Pastries

When I sat for the great French photographer Patrick Demarchelier to take the marketing pictures for the Revlon Charlie Girl fragrance, he sauntered into the makeup room, took one look at me, and said to the makeup artist, “Put a lot of makeup on her.” Then he left. I was about to model in an million dollar international campaign to sell the perfume and this was his approach to helping me find my happy place? I was now to project the image of a self-evolved, confident, modern woman for all to see?

As I felt the measly amount of self-esteem I possessed deflate from my body, I wanted to run home and shovel cow manure from my dads livestock barn, my childhood chore. If Demarchelier had made that comment to me today, I would’ve grabbed a pencil and stuck it in his eyeball and then, while he lay bleeding, offered him a pastry. I would then eat the morsel myself and call the paramedics after I licked my fingers. Thankfully, my portrait photo shoot with Bob Carmichael was amply more pleasant.

Bob knows what he’s doing. I’ve worked with an abundance of mainly fashion photographers in Paris, Munich, New York, and Milan, and eaten pastries in all locations. When it came time for me to update my headshot, I chose Bob due to his vast experience, beautiful studio, and ability to capture what I wanted to project. My business as a makeup artist/beauty shaman dictates that I offer clients a mixture of Venus coming out of the waters, like in the Botticelli painting, and approachable warmth. I feel we captured it in the photos.

He did, however; hide all the pencils.

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