landscape photography

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Landscape photography is one of my true loves. Opportunity meeting preparation is what is all about because you have to have the right equipment and ability to work with that equipment efficiently to make great shots. I shoot these images with a medium format Hasselblad H1 body and HC Hasselblad lenses – the best of the best I think. I use a light meter and I use film – Fuji Velvia 50 to make classic landscape transparencies. I also use West Coast Images and a talented fellow photographer and master printer there by the name of Terrance Reimer to interpret my digital files. I get from film to digital files using their $100,000.00 dollar Tango Laser drum scanner. I then print using WCI’s Chromira printer.

I’m comfortable in the wild, as I’ve been a climber my entire adult life. These shots often require many hikes up to a site shouldering the Lowe Pro Camera pack or involve packing in with mule, llama or sherpa help. So are my images expensive? Not compared to the time, top of the line equipment and the effort it takes to create them. I’ve just finished wrapping up a new panorama project in Boulder and on the eighteenth trip up the mountain, which involved an hour and a half of steep switchbacks under my 35lb camera pack up to my location at the top of the 2nd flatiron, I finally got my shot. That shot involved about eighty hours of time on the site and spanned two months. And yes, I loved every minute of it.

I hope you’ll find something you like in my collection here at Carmichael Productions, Inc. and will make my art part of your life. Thank you for your interest. And thanks to Edward Curtis, Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Eliot Porter, Robert Glenn Ketchum, Art Wolfe, David Muench, and Galen Rowell for your inspiration. – Bob Carmichael

“I’m blown away by Bob’s landscape photography. All his work is fantastic, but the light he sees and captures in the landscapes is truly cosmic. Ansel in color.”
Doug Menuez – Acclaimed documentary/commercial photographer and photojournalist –


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Framed with Laminated Print pricing: includes UV protecting laminate over Chromira print, moulding, mounting, laminating process, 1” or 2” white liner.
16″x20″ = $345.00
20″x24″ = $545.00
24″x30″ = $745.00
30″x40″ = $1,425.00

Framed and 2X Matted with AR Glass pricing: includes Chromira print, molding, mounting, 2X matte, AR Glass. Museum Glass optional.
16″x20″ = $395.00
20″x24″ = $595.00
24″x30″ = $795.00
30″x40″ = $1,495.00

16″x20″ = $295.00
20″x24″ = $495.00
24″x30″ = $595.00
30″x40″ = $995.00
40″x60″ = 1,500.00

Panoramic Prints

50″x93.5″ = $4,900.00
42.75″x80″ = $3,750.00
37.5″x70″ = $3,100.00
32″x60″ = $2,750.00   
30″x56.25″ = $2500.00
26.75″x50″ = $2200.00
24″x45″ = $2000.00