music performance photography

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“Bob Carmichael is at the top of our list of photographers for our recording artists. He has a natural eye and instinct to capture the essence of our performers live and in the studio environment. We engage him for some of our most critical shoots and important photo opportunities – the results are consistently outstanding.”

James Diener – CEO/President – A&M/Octone Records

“Bob Carmichael is a true professional who uses his craft to capture amazing moments on camera. Maroon 5 has trusted his work for years and will continue to display his creativity in their upcoming US Tour Program. Bob and his team just completed work on an exceptional video piece from stills taken on the spring tour of Japan which will be used in a joint effort with Amnesty International to help raise awareness for this great cause.”

Jordan Feldstein – Manager Maroon 5 – Career Artists Management

Music / Performance photography are challenging because you get one take. A lot of my career has been about capturing peak moments, and I bring that experience and eye to the stage. I make it my business to know the venue, the stage and to scout the vantage points that I will need to uniquely capture the experience of a concert. I think of myself as representative of the fans, allowing them to see into the lives of their beloved performers. I’m always struck by the empty stage and mics in place after sound check. I think about the musicians who bravely step up to those mics and how their performances are magical. All the dreams, training, rehearsals and TALENT coming face to face with their fans. It is the best of mankind in my opinion and I just love trying to capture that magic. I’m using the Nikon D4 camera for most of my work but a good 25% of my music shots are captured on my Hasselblad medium format camera using 800 ASA stock and great HC lenses. Performance and music photography are all about crowning moments; it goes fast – the key is staying focused and calm despite all distractions and see! And, yes I always use earplugs and knee pads and dress in black from head to toe.

Please check out our signature Photographicvideo technique, created to turn thousands of my still images into award-winning videos. It is great for performances, tours, and events that you want to capture in a unique and cutting-edge fashion. The technique incorporates still photography in the hands of a trained cinema cameraman – me. Through the use of sequences of high frame rate capture, I convey movement and tell stories. These thousands of stills are edited by the great film editor Brad Wetmore. Another layer of creativity by adding captivating graphics and the use of After Effects. Two of these videos we created for the band Maroon 5 have attracted hundreds of thousands of hits and seven Telly Awards in the category of Online Video. – Bob Carmichael

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