Custom Book and Video Creation

This project was created for a private client who wished to document a surprise birthday trip for his wife and family to the Island of Capri, Italy. I was asked to accompany them to record the event. It was a great experience, filled with challenging photographic opportunities, wonderful experiences and lifelong friendships. The resulting book and video reflect the level of professionalism and care that we were privileged to bring to this project. I must confess that I got the name Bobarazzi from my vigilant approach to this assignment, but when I presented the 10×20 inch glossy hardcover book protected in a beautiful slip case with a Blu-Ray HD PhotoGRAPHICvideo in the back sleeve, the tears and smiles from all of the family were truly a great reward for our efforts. The book was printed in English and Italian. I would love to do more such projects and we welcome inquiries about this very special commemorative package of custom books with an accompanying professional level photoGRAPHICvideo. The end result is an elegant way to preserve a cherished memory. Bob Carmichael