product photography

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Commerical Product Photography

Our 1,000 sq. foot Product photography studio is equipped with daylight HMI continuous or strobe lighting and an extensive light modification grip kits. We offer Chimera softboxes and Matthew Grip equipment, along with various size stages and many different surfaces for placing products on. We shoot tethered to a computer and use a large screen monitor for our clients to view in-camera setups.

In our studio, we can shoot on small macro scale products or more involved model/environmental work such as the Mysterioso Personal Hydration Vest as seen in action above.

The bicycling safety shots were done in collaboration with the Boulder Cyclist 4 Community group. I was brought in to creative direct and photograph a proposed cycling safety loop in North Boulder called the NEVA loop. These 9 panels were used to pitch our ideal bike loop to civil agencies in Colorado. All signage was added in Post. Ride safe!

We are also equipped to create animated images of products for our clients for use in videos.

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