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So recently I had a day where I had a trio of clients in that represented an interesting variety of photographic challenges. Fundamentally, I look at my portrait work very much like I do when I’m making a documentary, wanting to discover the real character of my subject. My approach to that goal is to keep things relaxed and real. The first up was a very professional and obviously international woman named Brigette Furst of the Real Estate firm 8Z. Brigette had great features and obvious sophistication. There is always a bit of apprehension coming into a new environment and having your portrait taken. The easiest way to ameliorate that perfectly normal reaction is to be gracious and to present a very professional environment to achieve maximum results. We have that here in my home/studio that is built around photography. It is a novel experience to enter a Boulder Landmark Home and realize that it is also one of the most energy efficient homes in America. Good talking points abound. Once we build a bit of a rapport and makeup and wardrobe are approved the next step is taking the stage and dialing in the perfect lighting scheme for the client including the right backdrop, and then the process of light shaping. Pandora allows us to pinpoint their musical taste and after a number of lighting tests, we start the capture. Usually, I shoot about a 100 images as I explore the landscapes of the subject’s face and expressions. We get in the grove by finding out the clients best side and relaxing into the shoot, encouraging self-expression and confidence. I think of us as an impromptu team working together. We succeeded in capturing images of her that reflected her good taste and international style. The results were very positive and the client had fun.

800_Brigitte Furst_-132_DONE

The next session in my studio was one of my oldest buddies going back to our days playing football at CU in the late 1960’s. Joel Ripmaster, the founder of Colorado Landmark Realtors, was not only a football teammate at CU but he was also my fraternity “god-father.” He was a Junior when I was a freshman. He was a great guy, and mature beyond his years. He literally showed me the ropes. So while I was photographing him, he grew a bit quiet and then said … “I was thinking as you were taking the pictures just how long we’ve known each and it’s just amazing that here we taking these portraits.” Joel has sold our family three houses over the years and I’ve photographed his daughter’s wedding and as well as most of his staff. I gave him a hug and said… “I love you too Joel.” It was a moving acknowledgment of our very long history together and I’m proud to be one of his go-to guys photographically. We are just about to release a video of the renovation of this Landmarked home that Joel sold us. Landmark Realty is one of the sponsors of the video. Joel recognizes that fresh corporate and personal branding is really a key in today’s market. Having a professional portrait says you know it is important to cover all the bases. It says you care. So here are the shots of Mr. Ripmaster.

800_Joel Ripmaster_-156_CORRECTED

Finally, at the end of the day and in a bit of a time crunch due to the 6 PM graduation of my son-in-law Matt Lappe┬┤with an MBA from the Colorado Business School, along with his undergraduate degree from Stanford along with ANOTHER master’s degree from Stanford … damn, how impressive is that? And he is now the CEO of ACE, a nonprofit that is dedicated to teaching high school kids climate awareness. On top of that, he and my very accomplished and sweet daughter Annie are having a baby in September. Evelyn Carol Lappe┬┤- the first name is Matt’s mother and the second is my mother, both remembered through this new child. And yes, I’m pretty excited about being her grandfather. I digress, so the next fellow runs a company called The Satori Edge.

His name is Colin Chapman he is a principle A/V consultant at a cutting-edge Colorado Company for Sound and Vision in businesses and homes. The first thing I knew about Colin was that he was very sharp knowledgeable both sound and music. He’s a sound engineer, remixer and creator of sound design. On top of that, he’s a sought-after club DJ with gigs around the country. Take a listen to Colin AKA satori -c and you’ll see the dimensions of his creativity. I wanted to capture that. I wanted to create an image that reflected his native intelligence and depth. I kept moving the lights to get them out of his very wide angle glasses and then with my time running out to make both of our next meetings, I just turned off my fill light and put up a 4×4 muslin bounce and BOOM there it was. I got up on one of my ladders and shot dramatically down on him. In a matter of moments, I captured a lot of his character. It was a great end to a challenging day. And so it goes. I hope my small contributions to these entrepreneurs serves them well.

1277_Colin Chapman-070_DONE













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