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Carmichael Productions, Inc.

Bob Carmichael is a veteran producer/director/cinematographer and still photographer. Carmichael was a central pioneer in the newly emerging genre of adventure sports films. In 1972 Carmichael made his first film on the newly emerging sport of rock climbing in Eldorado Springs, CO. A national television audience on CBS Sports viewed this film. His ski film Fall Line won an Academy Award nomination in 1980. This film introduced the concept of extreme skiing to the American public. His specialized skills in high-action directing and cinematography led to projects in the national commercial arena with major brands such as Ford, USMC, Bayer Asprin, Kellogg’s, Merrill Lynch, Cadillac, Reebok, Sprite, Disney World, Six Flags, Molsen Beer, Daytona Speedway, US Virgin Islands, and Hawaii Tourism. Carmichael worked for three decades in the Los Angeles film industry as a producer, director, and cinematographer on documentaries, national and international commercials, feature 2nd units, and special venue films.

Carmichael Productions, Inc. won seven Telly awards for creating a revolutionary photoGRAPHICvideo technique for Maroon 5 involving musical and event coverage. The International Color Awards have nominated Carmichael’s still photography in nature, sports, and advertising nine times. He directed a 70mm film on the Daytona 500 using twenty-four Super 35mm cameras. He conceived and co-produced the first American International Climbing Championships at Snowbird, Utah, in 1988, as seen live on CBS Sports. Carmichael was schooled in sports documentary filmmaking while working as a staff director/cameraman/writer for NFL Films early in his career. In 1982 Carmichael won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Sports Programming with his expose film Football in America, which delineated the dangers of American Football. As a writer/producer in 2020, Carmichael finished a manuscript for a documentary television series that offers a counter-narrative perspective to the game and its influence on our culture. Carmichael Productions, Inc. brings extensive production experience and imaging sophistication to every assignment, from portraits to digital content. Carmichael has a custom studio in Boulder, CO.

Bob Carmichael on set