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bob carmichael

Carmichael is a veteran producer/director/cinematographer and still photographer who has an Academy-Award nomination and a national Emmy Award. Carmichael Productions also has seven Telly awards for creating a revolutionary photoGRAPHICvideo technique for musical and event coverage. The International Color Awards have nominated Carmichael’s still photography in nature, sports, and advertising nine times. In 1972 Carmichael made his first film on the newly emerging sport of rock climbing in Eldorado Springs, CO. His early films introduced climbing and extreme skiing to the American public. He was a central pioneer in the newly emerging genre of adventure sports films.

Carmichael worked for three decades in the Los Angeles film industry as a producer, director, and cinematographer on documentaries, national and international commercials, feature and special venue films. As a writer/producer, he has recently finished a manuscript for a documentary television series on American football.

bob carmichael on set

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