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Capture your audience with Carmichael’s innovative DSLR filmmaking concept

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In 2008 Bob Carmichael created a new capture technique called a PhotoGRAPHICvideo. Carmichael’s assignment was to cover a Maroon 5 tour, but the coverage had to be done discreetly and solo. Necessity is the mother of invention. The question was: How to capture a fast-moving tour and their large-scale concerts without a crew and sound? The task was maximum coverage and minimal footprint. The key was conceiving the action as a storytelling motion picture but doing it using only individual still images. No video was shot. This involved capturing scenes with rapid bursts of frames and creating transitions.

Carmichael used a high ISO Nikon DSLR still camera and a film capture medium format Hasselblad H1 camera kit using high-end Fujinon lenses for performance images. He then handed off those thousands of sequenced still images for editing to his long-time collaborator and brilliant film editor Brad Wetmore of Swing Set Productions; Wetmore then turned his cut over to a team of TOP level graphic artists, Limbert Fabian and Danny Del Purgatorio, who used animation techniques and After Effects to further manipulate the images. The result comes to life as a unique visual experience portrayed through sequenced photos and dynamic graphics, hence the name PhotoGRAPHICvideo. Carmichael’s technique proved a potent viral tool that generated hundreds of thousands of hits on the web for Maroon 5.

Maroon 5 – Story for Harlem Children’s Zone – 2009 US Tour

Director/Still Photographer: Bob Carmichael

Editor: Brad Wetmore, Wetmore Digital Arts

Creative director: Danny Delpurgatorio, Vitamin, Chicago

Producer: Fran Gaconnier

Production Company: Carmichael Productions, Inc.

Maroon 5 Japan Tour – If I Never See Your Face Again for Amnesty International

Director/Still Photographer: Bob Carmichael

Editor: Brad Wetmore, Wetmore Digtal Arts

Creative Director; Limbert Fabian and Danny Delpugatorio, Reel FX, Dallas

Producer: Fran Gaconnier

Production Company: Carmichael Productions, Inc.

In 2010 Maroon 5’s STORY video, won Seven Silver Telly Awards at the 31st annual show under multiple categories. The STORY video photographed and directed by Bob Carmichael won in the following categories:

Silver Award – STORY Campaign – Not-for-Profit
Silver Award – STORY Music Video
Silver Award – STORY Editing
Silver Award – STORY Graphics
Silver Award – STORY Music Video/Concert
Bronze Award – STORY Videography/Cinematography
Bronze Award – STORY People’s Telly – Video

Congratulations to our great team:
Bob Carmichael – Director/Photographer
Brad Wetmore – Editor – Wetmore Digital Arts
Fran Gaconnier – Producer – 2 Dog Productions
Danny Delpurgatorio – Creative Director/director/writer – ATKLPLN

This novel technique will enhance your messaging. From corporate presentations to the highest end of luxury family occasions, PhotoGRAPHICvideo dramatically captures events artistically and discreetly. Request a private zoom meeting to view an example of our PhotoGRAPHICvideo that captured a lavish Capri, Italy journey. That project resulted in the production of both an exquisite hardbound book and a video that memorialized the occasion. Inquires are welcome, please contact Carmichael Productions, Inc. for more information about how a PhotoGRAPHICvideo can amplify your subject or brand.

Bob Carmichael PhotoGRAPHICvideo
bob carmichael on the road solo 2008

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