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Customer satisfaction is our goal.

Ann Grenevitch AvatarAnn Grenevitch

Bob is a fantastic photographer and he made it fun. Headshots can make or break you sometimes and he... read more - 9/23/2021 

Milena Halek AvatarMilena Halek

We had another amazing experience with Bob Carmichael Productions. I had my business photos done with Bob a... read more - 9/23/2021 

Clint Wheelock AvatarClint Wheelock

Bob is an amazing photographer, a true professional and a pleasure to work with in all ways. He took some... read more - 8/23/2021 

gina denucci Avatargina denucci

I recently started a business and decided to update my 10 year old headshot. My experience with Bob from the... read more - 7/23/2021 

Henry Eckstein AvatarHenry Eckstein

I have had professional headshots done many time for business and other purposes. They were all good. Bob Carmichael created... read more - 2/23/2021 

Marsha Badger AvatarMarsha Badger

Bob was wonderful to work with - very professional, made the session and process easy. He does beautiful work! Highly... read more - 2/23/2021 

Anja Deichmann AvatarAnja Deichmann

Bob Carmichael is an artist! He also made me feel so comfortable and the photo session was such a fun... read more - 2/23/2021 

Lisa Swift AvatarLisa Swift

Bob was a pleasure to work with. I have never considered myself photogenic and therefore have never been a fan... read more - 2/23/2021 

Richard Paradise AvatarRichard Paradise

Bob's work at our Gala Reception (Boulder Environmental Film Festival) was flawless. He was everywhere, in the course of 2... read more - 2/24/2020 

Floyd Pierce AvatarFloyd Pierce

It was a great experience! This was the first time I ever took professional head shots, and I'm very... read more - 2/24/2020 

Ashley Grosse Faulkner AvatarAshley Grosse Faulkner

Bob is quite the professional. He's talented, organized and driven. I am so glad I found him. My... read more - 2/24/2020 

Kaylyn Thueson Giles AvatarKaylyn Thueson Giles

Bob's reputation preceded him and he did not disappoint. I was a little nervous to have head shots taken, but... read more - 2/24/2020 

Noah McGraw AvatarNoah McGraw

Bob Carmichael is the real deal. After working with him, I understand why he's won awards for his art. His... read more - 2/24/2020 

Rob R AvatarRob R

Thanks Bob! 5 star experience and results! - 2/24/2020 

Karen Bernardi AvatarKaren Bernardi

Mr. Carmichael is professional, patient, and extremely skilled. He created a comfortable atmosphere, provided great recommendations, and took the time... read more - 2/24/2020 

Karl Gossett AvatarKarl Gossett

Fantastic photographer and artist. Incredible experience and really enjoyable conversation too. Any recommendation here pales in comparison to his credentials. - 2/24/2020 

Kegan McNutt AvatarKegan McNutt

I had my headshots taken for work and Bob was quick in responding and booking a shoot. Bob did an... read more - 2/24/2020 

Lydia Perr AvatarLydia Perr

I needed some professional headshots, and ended up working with Bob and his team. His studio is top notch, and... read more - 2/24/2020 

steven friedman Avatarsteven friedman

Bob's work is outstanding. The end results of my headshots exceeded my high expectations. Grateful! - 2/24/2020 

Jason Dunn AvatarJason Dunn

Brilliant expertise in action! Working with Bob is a pleasure. Hard for me to imagine there being any better option... read more - 2/24/2020 

Stacey Frank AvatarStacey Frank

Bob Carmichael creates a professional portrait experience and is a gifted photographer. His studio space is well designed and... read more - 2/24/2020 

Terri Taydus AvatarTerri Taydus

REVIEW UPDATE 2019: I returned to Bob for updated professional headshots. I was blown away by all of... read more - 2/24/2020 

Madison Cervo AvatarMadison Cervo

I have never liked getting my photo taken, but Bob made me feel very comfortable and provided an exceptional experience,... read more - 2/24/2020 

Cheryl Keener AvatarCheryl Keener

Mr. Carmichael was great to work with. Got the work done quickly and professionally. Very satisfied with the final headshots.... read more - 2/24/2020 

Stacy Moscow AvatarStacy Moscow

My end-to-end experience with Bob Carmichael was excellent and my headshots are probably the best photos I have ever had... read more - 2/24/2020 

Penny Johnston AvatarPenny Johnston

Many thanks to Bob for making my photo session such a comfortable and pleasant experience! It is obvious that Bob... read more - 2/23/2020 

Amanda Sessa AvatarAmanda Sessa

Fantastic experience!!! Hair, make up, professionalism, great studio, awesome pictures!! Bob rules!!! Super fab!!! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 - 2/23/2020 

Eva Marie AvatarEva Marie

For someone who avoids the camera at all costs, having professional headshot was not something I looked forward to. Bob... read more - 2/24/2019 

Stefan Schwietzke AvatarStefan Schwietzke

I had a great experience with Bob. Speaking as a layman, the core of his studio is what you would... read more - 2/24/2019 

Luanne G. Smith AvatarLuanne G. Smith

I do not like having my photo taken. But I had a very pleasant experience working with Bob. He made... read more - 2/24/2019 

Diggs Brown AvatarDiggs Brown

Bob is an excellent photographer. He is easy to work with and is clear in the direction he wants... read more - 2/24/2019 

Martin Benz AvatarMartin Benz

Bob is a legend. If you need a quality, professional photo done, he's your man. Nice friendly and casual in... read more - 2/24/2019 

Laurie Kaufman AvatarLaurie Kaufman

Bob is incredibly talented and makes you feel completely at ease and comfortable during the shoot. I had a ton... read more - 2/24/2019 

Megan Fruvellhoff AvatarMegan Fruvellhoff

For a lady that prefers to be behind the camera, Bob made me feel very comfortable and relaxed during my... read more - 2/24/2019 

gbozanic Avatargbozanic

As a first-timer in the world of headshots, I was nervous going into this experience but was put at ease... read more - 2/24/2019 

Todd Hodgson AvatarTodd Hodgson

Headshots can be a real drag for both the photographer and the subject. Not the case here. Bob Carmichael made... read more - 2/24/2019 

Jess Markt AvatarJess Markt

I had a wonderful experience getting portrait photos taken by Bob. His interactive style made the whole process an absolute... read more - 2/24/2019 

Terri Taydus AvatarTerri Taydus

Bob is extremely professional and at the same time warm and friendly (which makes all the difference if you are... read more - 2/24/2019 

Joel Ripmaster AvatarJoel Ripmaster

Bob gives exceptional service. I have gone to him several times in my career and the product is always clean... read more - 2/24/2019 

James Freeman AvatarJames Freeman

Had a great experience with Bob. This was my first time getting any professional photos taken, and he put me... read more - 2/24/2019 

Aimee Quaratino AvatarAimee Quaratino

Bob Is a true professional, He is passionate, kind and most importantly so very Patient. I took new and so... read more - 2/24/2019 

Maria Nash AvatarMaria Nash

Bob's work is excellent, he is meticulous and very professional. I am very pleased with the head shot results and... read more - 2/24/2019 

Michael Favre AvatarMichael Favre

Simply put, the best of the best. Bob was absolutely amazing to work with. To the skill and quality of... read more - 2/24/2019 

Paul Rudolph AvatarPaul Rudolph

I received many compliments on my recent head shots. The credit goes to Bob Carmichael of Carmichael Productions... read more - 2/24/2019 

Karen Hope AvatarKaren Hope

Bob Carmichael is a wonderful photographer and does amazing work. He makes you feel extremely comfortable and relaxed while shooting.... read more - 2/24/2019 

Consuelo Amat AvatarConsuelo Amat

Bob Carmichael is a true artist. I was SUPER happy with my headshots for my professional website as well as... read more - 2/24/2019 

Marybeth Emerson AvatarMarybeth Emerson

WOW - what a wonderful experience my photo shoot was! I'm not particularly comfortable in front of the camera so... read more - 2/24/2018 

Anne Wilson AvatarAnne Wilson

I went to Carmichael Productions as I wanted a great photo for professional use. Bob has an award winning... read more - 2/24/2018 

Geoffrey Keys AvatarGeoffrey Keys

Bob is a very creative and super talented photographer. I highly recommend! - 2/24/2018 

Milena Halek AvatarMilena Halek

We chose Bob Carmichael to update our professional business photos. We are so glad that we did. My... read more - 2/24/2018 

Catherine McHale AvatarCatherine McHale

Bob did a great job getting some varied and interesting head shots for my business. He was professional and knowledgable... read more - 2/24/2018 

debbie brinley Avatardebbie brinley

We hired Bob to do my daughter's senior portraits. He was amazing. He spent so much time working with us... read more - 2/24/2018 

Aku Desai AvatarAku Desai

Bob is very professional and really gets into his work. He is great at what he does and knows... read more - 2/24/2018 

Jonathan Simisky AvatarJonathan Simisky

Could not be better. Bob is a true pro, his studio is top shelf, and the entire experience coupled... read more - 2/24/2018 

CK Cruz AvatarCK Cruz

When you are in front of Bob's lens you know you being photographed by one of the best. Experience... read more - 2/24/2018 

Elizabeth Burger AvatarElizabeth Burger

I had the most fantastic experience working with Bob on my new head shots. From start to finish, the... read more - 2/24/2018 

Joel Murphy AvatarJoel Murphy

Best experience from our entire executive team with professional photos - Bob Carmichael is a super delight and makes every... read more - 2/24/2018 

Dan Kaplan AvatarDan Kaplan

If you're looking for a true professional, then Bob's your photographer. I was a little nervous about getting my... read more - 2/24/2018 

Ken Ballard AvatarKen Ballard

A wonderful experience. Bob has an excellent professional studio, a very creative and discerning eye, and photography talent beyond... read more - 2/24/2018 

Robin Brenneise AvatarRobin Brenneise

I was so fortunate to find Bob Carmichael when I was searching for a photographer to shoot my daughters' senior... read more - 2/24/2018 

Tamara Roske AvatarTamara Roske

We were extremely impressed with the quality of work that my son Xiuhtezcatl Martinez did with Carmichael Productions. Bob Carmichael... read more - 2/24/2018 

Hunter Margolf AvatarHunter Margolf

A lot changed in the 25 years since my last head shot: with the exception of the“dread” of having the... read more - 2/24/2018 

Joslyn Sarshad AvatarJoslyn Sarshad

Bob takes fantastic photos! His studio and equipment are state of the art. He knows his camera and how to... read more - 2/24/2018 

Jesse Hughes AvatarJesse Hughes

Bob Carmichael is the guy to go to if you want a photo job done right. I wanted to get... read more - 2/24/2018 

Chelsea Jewell AvatarChelsea Jewell

Bob took all the headshots for our company's website & marketing. He took the time to sit and review photos... read more - 2/24/2018 

Chris Andrews AvatarChris Andrews

Top-notch professional headshots! Bob's studio is in his beautiful Boulder home, and he has everything needed and the positive... read more - 2/24/2018 

Helen Bassett AvatarHelen Bassett

Bob is a super cool guy, and his shots are so stunning, you’ll be surprised when you see yourself look... read more - 2/24/2018 

Thomas Miller AvatarThomas Miller

I am a psychologist and was looking for professional headshots which conveyed a sense of warmth and presence. Bob was... read more - 2/24/2018 

Daphne Queen AvatarDaphne Queen

Bob is a total pro! I had him take new real estate head shots for me and they turned... read more - 2/24/2018 

Dana Laursen AvatarDana Laursen

Bob is a consummate professional who strives for getting the shot that is absolutely flattering because it also captures the... read more - 2/24/2018 

Sari Levy AvatarSari Levy

I had a really nice time getting my headshots...felt like a day at the spa with great conversation and music.... read more - 2/24/2017 

Kirsten Kilfoyle AvatarKirsten Kilfoyle

I really enjoyed working with Bob! He made me feel comfortable during the shoot. We had a lot of fun... read more - 2/24/2017 

John Windsor AvatarJohn Windsor

I used Bob Carmichael’s services recently for new headshots. It was a real pleasure to be in the hands of... read more - 2/24/2017 

Larry Parrish AvatarLarry Parrish

We recently had Bob photograph our family--three generations, including our 8 month-old Granddaughter. It was an all-day affair, and a... read more - 2/24/2017 

Dr. Lara Johnson AvatarDr. Lara Johnson

I had such a great overall experience! Bob was not only professional and skilled, he also brought a level of... read more - 2/24/2017 

Brett Astor AvatarBrett Astor

Bob is a true professional and highly skilled with headshot. He knew how to create the an environment that I'd... read more - 2/24/2017 

Marian Rothschild AvatarMarian Rothschild

For years I had seen other entrepreneurs' headshots that were absolutely gorgeous and I envied them. Mine had always been... read more - 2/24/2017 

Leslie Ethridge AvatarLeslie Ethridge

Bob is the best! He's incredibly professional, yet makes you feel very relaxed. He's a master of light. If you... read more - 2/24/2017 

Kirk Westergard AvatarKirk Westergard

I generally dislike getting my picture taken. But the experience was different with Bob. His landmark home is beautiful and... read more - 2/24/2017 

Susie Hayes AvatarSusie Hayes

Bob was a pleasure to work with. He was thoughtful about capturing Access Opportunity's first fundraising event and arrived prepared... read more - 2/24/2017 

John Coy AvatarJohn Coy

I just finished a high end project with Bob Carmichael that was a celebratory memorial book for an international educator.... read more - 2/24/2017 

Tracy Martino AvatarTracy Martino

I was looking for someone to help me create a beautiful, professional and creative photo for my book cover! Bob... read more - 2/24/2017 

Annie Lappe AvatarAnnie Lappe

Such a great X-mas card photo session. He really captured the essence of our two little girls. Very iconic "Boulder"... read more - 2/24/2017 

Scott Rennak AvatarScott Rennak

It was a real treat to work with Bob on my new professional headshot. The personal touch and keen eye... read more - 2/24/2017 

Meghan Bach AvatarMeghan Bach

Bob has a keen eye and heart for his work. He brings out the REAL, the soul, in all of... read more - 2/24/2017 

Nicholas Thompson AvatarNicholas Thompson

Bob is the absolute best. I joke that I have a disability in that it is impossible for me... read more - 2/24/2017 

kevin donald Avatarkevin donald

My wife and I chose Bob Carmichael to shoot Bryce's head shot because of Bob's ability to capture a... read more - 2/24/2017 

Amie MacKenzie AvatarAmie MacKenzie

Bob's studio is absolutely top notch. He took the time to help me figure out the concept for my new... read more - 2/24/2017 

Joan Soper AvatarJoan Soper

My twins had their senior pictures, and my son had head shots taken by Bob. The shoot was a... read more - 2/24/2017 

Roger Cambor, MD AvatarRoger Cambor, MD

I had a very positive experience with Bob during a recent portrait shoot for my website. He was obviously very... read more - 2/24/2017 

Phil Cogdill AvatarPhil Cogdill

I was required to have a portrait taken for my work and found Bob to be fantastic and he was... read more - 2/24/2017 

Angela Moss AvatarAngela Moss

I find taking professional photos a challenge as they are usually quite stiff. Bob did a great job of... read more - 2/24/2017 

Julia Cantarovici AvatarJulia Cantarovici

I am one of those people who HATES to be photographed. I'm not photogenic, or so I thought until... read more - 2/24/2017 

Brian Rabin Photography LLC. AvatarBrian Rabin Photography LLC.

I have known Bob Carmichael for about 10 years and I have always admired both the images he creates as... read more - 2/24/2017 

Jean Palamar AvatarJean Palamar

Recently I had the opportunity to meet Bob Carmichael, and watch as he worked his photographic magic for a special... read more - 2/24/2016 


Bob Carmichael is the consummate professional. He scouted the outside location with me before the shoot, did many takes... read more - 2/24/2016 

Michiko Theurer AvatarMichiko Theurer

Bob is extremely professional and worked very hard to make sure that I got a high-quality headshot. He has... read more - 2/24/2016 

John Brantley AvatarJohn Brantley

I needed to update my professional photos for business and all of the social networks I am on. Bob... read more - 2/24/2016 

Derek Coffey AvatarDerek Coffey

Bob Carmichael is excellent. The highest standards. Quick turn around times and I've received numerous raving reviews on my new... read more - 2/24/2016 

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