Here are some of my favorites links hopefully to inspiration and Knowledge.


K5600 – My lights! Low Amperage, High output, wonderful lamps and people, ask for Thierry Garepian!
Broncolor – The very best strobes and light modifiers.
Profoto USA – The very best strobes and light shaping take your pick. The B1 and B2 are amazingly portable!
SPL Waterhousing – So Cal manufacturer of excellent splash housing, talk to Sean.
Arri Alexa – Alexa the most film like digital production camera of today. Sony, Cannon and Red awesome too.
Arri Amira – NFL Films converted from 16mm to Amira. Multicam/portable/and a wide range of creative looks.
Red Rock Micro – Video DSLR Accessories.
Zacuto Store – DSLR pimping.
Harbor Design at BH Photo – Ultimate on camera light box for your DSLR.
Nikon D5 – Perfect sensor size for most applications. XQD!
Nikon D850 – 47.6MP, Man what a product, landscape, portrait, architecture beast. DP Review
Nikon Pro Site – Nikon Professional Services, a proud member, they have you covered!
Nikon School – Learn from Nikon.
Sigma f1.4 Art Series – I’m a 50mm f1.4 owner. 105mm 1.4 to follow.
Fuji Film – Mother of Velvia
Ilford – All about an important stock – Iliford.
Kodak – Motion / Cinema / Television.
Kodak – Connect with a professional photographer.
Canon EOS 700 – Flagship Cinema EOS Camera
Mountainlight – The late and very GREAT Galen and Barbara Rowell plus Singh-Ray graduated neutral density filters and reverse density filters.
Matthews Studio Equipment – Build you grip line with this stuff, trust me.
Barbizon Lighting Company -and buy that MSE stuff from Barbizon Lighting. Great People and pricing!
Hasselblad – The H5D. I shoot my landscapes with a H1 film backs!
Hasselblad H6D – H6D-100c. There is a Heaven with this 15 Stop dynamic range. I shoot my landscapes w/ a H1 using film backs!
Panavision 65mm – Murder on the Orient Express – Directed by Kenneth Branagh and photographed by Haris Zambarloukos BSC, GSC with 65mm System 65 film cameras, Sphero 65 and Super Panavision 70 lenses. Just phenomenal!
Profoto USA – The best strobes and light shaping.
Chimera Lighting – Soft boxes by the legendary climber/inventor Tom Frost with Jean Lowe on belay and Greg Lowe designer extraordinaire!
Mola-light – Beauty dishes that deliver.
Heliopan – Filters to match the quality of your lenses.
Sunbounce – Strictly bouncing light equipment.
Denny MFG – Muslins forever.
Adorama – Internet camera gear and lighting support.
Adobe Lightroom – This is what I’m doing my work flow in.
Tiger Color – Color Schemes you and I can understand.
Camera West – Ask for Sean Cranor tell him Bob C sent you. I buy ALL my stuff here.
ACamera – Ask for Jason, tell him Bob C sent you. Professional cameras in Denver.
Drones – Large Drones High Lift Capacity
Drone Company – The Aerial filming Company – real pilots, FAA certified and IA 600.
David Nowell Team 5 – Team 5 Aerial System Rentals – the Big Boys.
Shot Over – K1,F1, U1, G1 – State of the Art Aerials

instructional photography links:

Rob Galbraith – Digital photography updates.
DP Review – Digital photography current events.
Lynda – A world of digital knowledge.
Metal and Paper – My digital darkroom. Scanning, Crystal Archive Printing and more.
Photo Workshop/Robert Farber – A photographer with a distinctive eye and a talented director son Blake Farber.
Studio-Lighting-Tutorials – Lots of great tips.
Web Photo School – Some solid lighting information.
Photo Flex – Tutorials and equipment worth checking.
Garage Glamour – Beach babe lighting.
AP Studio – More beach babe lighting Los Vegas variety
Roland Gomez Photography – Techniques of glamour shooting by a master.
Phaidon – Fine art books, just a lot of fine everything.
Masters of Photography – Viewing and purchasing fine art Info.
Prenhall – Photography 11th edition – premier learning and teaching manual with labs.
Tiger Color – Color schemes made easy?
BH Photo Video – I know you know this place.
Wonder How To – Just about everything here.
Five-Cs-Cinematography-Picture-Techniques – Must Read.
Painting-Light-John-Alton – A Master.
Conrad Hall – Know everything you can about him and his cinematography.
Kodak Motion – Shoot film and see the difference.
Lighting Essentials – Subtractive light.
Portrait Professional – If you don’t have this you are way behind the curve.
Digital Photography Resource Guide – Sourcing for digital photography links.

companies that I strongly endorse:

Shred – Ted Ligety has great designs and he leads the way with his game changing wide angle goggles. I use Stupify!
Rab – UK down and mountaineering equipment: micro light alpine jacket get one, stay warm.
Five Ten – “Know the risk and never slip” – Layton Kor as told to Jim Erickson 1967 – these shoes will help with the later.
Big Agnes – A new concept sleeping bag system.
Patagonia – A company with a conscious and always good gear.
Patagonia Ambassadors – Just inspiring people.
Arcteryx – A progressive clothing line that looks great and works.
Mountain Hardwear – So there’s more than one great clothing manufacturer.
The North Face – Okay 5 companies!
Prana – Make it six.
Mammut – The other progressive clothing line that matches or exceeds Arcteryx in R-D and quality.
Mysterioso – A Malibu line by Stevie G. – Water,wet, cold and SPF clothing.
Icebreaker – The absolutely best small company for a miraculous fabric – merino wool. “The warmest you’ll ever be. Promise.”
O’Neil – You do surf don’t you?
Khul – Skiers thighs? practical high country/water centric clothing with great designers? Khul!


Black Diamond Equipment – Black Diamond Equipment is the best there is from rock to alpine and into the backcountry. Havoc skis rock.
Garmont – Garmont Boots – highly recommended for alpine touring or just lift skiing cause they are LIGHT.
Lowe Pro – The brainchild of my best friend Greg Lowe, now the premier camera pack company.
Dmmwales – If it’s good enough for Steve Petro…
Mtn Tools – A clearing house for gear with an owner who cares.
Life-Link – Carry a shovel and a beeper okay?
Atomic Skis – Great alpine skis. – Protective covers for your video/film gear.
Road Bike Review – Go to the classifieds and get an INSANE deal on a racers bike for sale. You’re welcome.
Avalung Packs – Use this device even if you can’t afford it. 2 minutes or 30 minutes, which do you prefer when buried?
Boulder Chamber – The region’s flagship business support and advocacy organization. The “Good” Chamber!


APA – American Photographic Artist – An alliance of Ad and Media Professionals and Editorial I’m a proud member.
Motionographer – New age production – stay informed.
Creative Cow – Creative Communities of the World no less.
Luminious Landscape – A damn good photographers forum.
Source Creative – a hub for commercial directors and commercial work. – APA/EP merged so join! Information, resources, and alliances – bus. Of photography Editorial Photographers Association – good stuff to know business wise along with American Photographic Artists – American Society of Media Photographers
one world – Connecting with the natural world. – Eastern Sierra beta on snow and weather conditions. – Estimating avalanche risks. – Things to know about the backcountry. – Had to. – Training for the outdoors. – So you want to cut video/film? – Information, resources and alliances – business of photography. – North American Nature Photography Association. – No relation – but tip of the spear training regimes. – Documentary association for the world. – Fitness defined. – Fitness, fitness and fitness. – What comes around goes around… – Wide variety of original fine art for sale. Personalized art consulting services. Mediums include; paintings, sculpture, photography, drawings, mixed media and more. Under the management of Agora Gallery.

mountain world:

Planet Fear – A modern site for all manner of climbers.
Camp 4 – An online community forum for climbers.
Mountain Zone – The ethos of mountain activities.
Vertical Adventures – Bob Gaines will guide and teach you and your group the ropes.
Rock Climbing – Rock climbing everywhere.
Alpine Guide – Howie Schwartz Alpine Guide, fully UIAGM certified and fronts a country band as well.
Ski Mountaineer – Anybody can do it.
Super Topo – How to reach the summit of a lot of amazing climbs.
Climbing Magazine – Climbing magazine thirty-five years old.
Rock and Ice Magazine – Climbing magazine of equal stature.
M9 Entertainment – Ice is nice and scary.
Alpinist Magazine – Editor Christian Beckwith and a must read and view.
Surfer Journal – The best writing and photography in surfing.
Hans Florine – Speed climber/inspirational coach and Hans the Man Florine.
Fun Climbs Around the World – Blogs by climbers of all ilks…
The Access Fund – Is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the climbing environments.
The American Alpine – Club is dedicated to promoting climbing knowledge, conserving mountain environments, and serving the American climbing community.
Supertopo – The beta on many climbs and a good forum.
The North Face – A great company with great product testers.
Summit Trek – A Himalaya trek/climb company with sustainable policies.

great photographers:

Albert Watson – Immortalized Steve Jobs and he is preeminent.
Peter Lindergh – Serious talent and clients – okay Pirelli Calendar 2017!
Cory Rich – A great adventure shooter with an eye for business as well.
Hans Zak – a great great climber and a great great photographer.
Tim Temple – Cutting edge climbing and adventure shooting.
Andrew Querner – Exceptional adventure shooting and wild locations.
Michael Clark – Sublime wilderness shooting and vision.
Jimmy Chin – A gifted athlete and a great eye.
Greg Epperson – Again, the top of the adventure photography pyramid.
Johnck media – Exotic and extreme locations all over the world.
Mark Synnott – Author, guide, speaker, climber, adventurer, photographer.
Jason Hatfield – Someone with talent and lots of drive watch him!
Warwick Saint – Just amazing talent and perspectives.
Lende Waidhofer – An artist.
Stockland and Martel – An agency w/ great photographers.
Bill Aitkinson – Commercial and inspirational perspectives.
Agora Gallery – A place to be seen.
Andrew Zuckerman – Director/author/photographer with vision.

to be inspired start clicking:

Mike Boyd– Colorado Drummer with a video by yours truly … audition tape.
Brian Smith– Frame images, great site – Pulitzer winner check it out.
Straw Hat Visuals – An interesting production company concept.
Vincent Munier – Wildlife JEDI Master.
Matthias Hangst – The Pro’s Pro in Professional Sports.
Kevin Scanlon – A Celebrity of Celebrities.
Martin Schoeller – VH Photo Reps for elite shooters, whacked portraits.
Robert Maxwell – to refresh your portraits you gotta see this guy!
Anthony Cotsifas – Impact via Still Life.
Luke Duggleby – Documentary and Widely Traveled.
Michael Grecco – Michael Grecco Hollywood Chops.
Mattson Creative – This is a top American Graphic Artist.
Harlem Children’s Zone – Making a huge impact on inner city children – Geofrey Canada president.
Audade Lingerie – Not garage glamour!
Andres Sarda – Swim/lingerie fashion.
Eres – Reference swimwear/lingerie.
Sarrieri – Elegant lingerie reference.
Amnesty USA – Take action now!
David Hume Kennerly – David is a Pulitzer prize winner meet him on a ledge while shooting High Ice.
Demarchelier – Patrick Demarcherlier. – Herb Ritts.
Greg Gorman – Greg Gorman. – Bruce Weber.
Peter B. Kaplan – Urban alpinist photographer great NYC style.
Jim Erickson – To see is too believe, commerce meets art.
Michael Tucker – Vision. – The photographer behind Ali.
Jay Maisel – Legends continued.
Doug Menuez – smart distinctive commercial/photojournalism.
Bill Eppridge – Bill Eppridge – man behind the Beatles.
Karl Dickenson – Paris fashion.
Magnum Photographer – co-operative owned and run by its member photographers
Sports Shooter – A registery for sports shooters.
Jim Stimpson – A very good Eastern Sierra Photographer
Galen Rowell – Galen and Barbara Rowell Legends and sorely missed.
Frans Lanting – World reknown.
Nicolas Zgradic – Nicolas Zgradic LA Photographer and cine equipment entrepreneur.
Dan Patitucci – A duo of ultra fit and skilled adventure photographers. Dan and Janine Patitucci of Bishop, CA.
Moose Peterson – The most entrepreneurial photographer in the Eastern Sierra. Moose shares his extensive world of wildlife shooting and photography.
Jack Dykinga – West Coast Imaging’s star shooter.
Linka Odom – A rising star with a unique eye.
David Duncan – How to shoot interiors.
Brad Feinknopf – architectural photographer.
Tom Veso – Tom Veso bird in-flight photography.
American Society of Cinematographers – the elite of American Cinematographers.
Danny Brown – Strong and creative and a time lapse/camera movement guru.
Davids Shields – A who’s who of Hollywood Portrait Photography.
George Hurrell – Master Portraits
George Hurrell Portfolio II – Master Portraits
Strobist – Flash school
Dean Collins – Still Lighting instructor’s Classic Collection.
Mark Seliger – Vanity Fair Ace and other amazing talents.
Danny Clinch – Music Photography
Corbijn – Music Photography
David Lachapelle – Fashion beyond Ace
Helmut Newton – Genius from a duo.
Brian Smith – Pulitzer winner and a lucky dog.

Colorado Fashion – Stylist/Hair Makeup

Cindy K Kruz – Set Savvy, Style Savvy, and Sophisticated – makeup artist and stylist.
Marian Rothschild – Personal coach and stylist with an acting pedigree.
Jen Murphy – very astute has her own line of organic makeup @
Beverly Green – 25 years of LA Entertainment Experience – hair, makeup wardrobe styling.
Suzanne Blons – former model and excellent make-up artist.
Naomi Robles – Very creative and highly skilled makeup artist. Wonderful spirit to work with.
Jill M Leitz – Innovative, and a recognized creative force – stylist.

family links

Annie Lappé – My dear daughter, Annie Lappé has a Master degree from Oxford University and works as the Solar Policy Director at The Vote Solar Intiative.
Maroon 5 – My dear Jesse Carmichael, keyboards
Matt Lappe’ – Son-in-Law and Senior Climate Strategist at Boulder County.
KJCProductions – My sister, Katherine Jones Carmichael, still, commercial and feature motion picture producer extraordinaire. Executive Producer of Ward vs Ward Read all about it. Catalog work is another of her high level area of expertise. Located in Miami and New York.
Carol Carmichael Geyer resides in Wiate Hill, Ohio. She is an accomplished landscape and portrait oil painter. Click on her name for commissions, and original paintings. Navy Cross – My father won this distinction in WWII in the South Pacific flying off the Yorktown. Naval fighter pilot. Ken Burn’s series The War – documents the Battle of Leyte Gulf in which he dropped 5 bombs on a Japanese Aircraft carrier and then barely made it back to the ship at night. Many pilots did not return. Heoric and Horrific stuff. Very hard on the psyche. May he rest in peace. Robert Loraine Carmichael March 24, 1924-Dec 13, 1998