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kate luther panoramic photography
Kate Luther runner captured in panoramic photography by Bob Carmichael – nominated by the 15th International Color Awards for advertising and sports and by the International Photography Awards with 4 nominations in 2022
fine art landscapes

Please call 303 955.7065 for rates and availability. The basic crew/equipment fee is approximately $2200.00/day. Selected images are $100/per file for retouching.

The fee breakdown is $1400.00/day for photographer Bob Carmichael using a Nikon D5 with a 20.8MP sensor and a Nodal Point slider and Bogen tripod. The assistant cameraperson using Phase One capture and computer tethering is an additional $500.00/day. A PC-E NIKKOR 24mm f/3.5D ED Tilt-Shift Lens Rental is $50.00/day. Rental of D850 with a 46MP sensor is optional. Zoom editorial session following initial photography is $200.00. File Retouching is $100.00 per selected image.

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