An authors portrait

What better time than April 22 the celebration of Earth Day to announce an important book that takes the appreciation of our planet to truly galactic dimensions? As for Portraits, they are a fascinating opportunity to take the measure of your client and serve them with an image that unflinchingly delves into their inner nature. You want to make the studio environment comfortable to allow a photographic exploration that will lead them toward an honest expression of themselves. Once again, the phrase that the “eyes are the window to soul” holds true. A recent portrait that I’m very pleased with is my image here of Roger Briggs. Roger is someone I’ve known for over 40 years. The first film I ever made focused on he and Duncan Ferguson climbing what was then the hardest climb in America, the Eldorado Springs, Colorado route called The Naked Edge. At that time, the spring of 1972, both Roger and Duncan were in the top echelon of climbers in the world. You can see that film in my collection of classic climbing films here on my site. The title is Break on Through. But I digress…

Roger is world class in many ways and he was just inducted into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame. He has climbed at the highest level throughout his life. Roger is also a physics teacher here in Boulder and he has recently written a fascinating book called Journey to Civilization-The Science Of How We Got Here. It is published through Collins Press. It is a laypersons guide to the origins of the universe and the ascent of human kind. It is an truly enlightening book. I hope that you’ll consider purchasing this wonderfully illustrated science based (thank God!) journey into the mysteries of the universe and by extension ourselves. The portrait on the back cover is my small contribution to Roger’s wonderful book. I hope that it communicates to you something about the intensity, curiosity and authenticity of an amazing adventurer and freshly minted author Roger Briggs.

Moving forward in peace,

Bob Carmichael