studio portraits – sessions & fees

Basic Headshot Fee – $295.00 – For Booking a session and pricing please : 303 955.7065


Five Reasons to use a Carmichael Headshot :

1. Your image is more widely viewed today than ever before.
2. A professional image amplifies your sales/marketing efforts.
3. Present the best version of yourself to all your networks.
4. If your headshot is not you today then your integrity suffers at first glance.
5. Present as the person your clients want to work with.

My Clients enjoy visiting our Boulder Landmarked Historical home that has been renovated to Leeds Platinum Certification. Our Boulder property is one of the most energy efficient homes in America and it houses a custom 1,000 Sq.ft. photography studio, make-up station and entrance way Gallery – all making for a memorable and productive photographic session.  My many years of award winning production experience and master retouching will provide you with professional level images that will postively propel your career and professional aspirations. Exterior shots are available on our landscaped double lot. Camera: Flagship Nikon D4 with 35mm sensor camera, higher end Hasselblad optional. Lights: Continuous Hollywood studio level K5600 HMI lamps with flash available and studio Matthews grip gear for manipulating light. Selects: Easy edit selection via Light Room 4. Retouching: Elite, European fashion level.

What you will get::

• Approximately 100 images to choose from.
• One fully retouched professional headshot.
• Bob Carmichael an award winning director/cameraman.
• A state of the art studio with Hollywood lighting and grip equipment.
• Makeup and styling during the session.
• Two wardrobe changes.
• Expert retouching. (Up to 2 revisions).
• Additional images at $60 per selection.

Bob Carmichael reviews:

Please see our 65 Five Star Google + reviews – Carmichael Productions, Inc. “Bob is meticulous and thorough in his work, yet he maintains a keen artistic sense.  His studio in comfortable and state-of-the-art.  All this combines to bring spectacular results.” Roger Briggs: author,”Journey to Civilization – The science of how we got here” Hall of Fame Climber. “I am camera shy. I really dreaded getting my photo taken which is a necessity for my advertisement investment in my business. Fortunately, I saw the beautiful work that Bob had completed for my business partners and I knew he was the only photographer I wanted to hire. Bob is so talented that I am confident to use the images he provided to market myself. He made me comfortable throughout the process. Christina Bremner, Appraiser/Agent 8Z Real Estate” Mr. Carmichael is such a great guy to work with. His experience and professional background results in only the highest quality work. He has wonderful energy and his hard work creates beautiful art!” Helena Long, Model “Working with Bob Carmichael on my back cover photo was a very satisfying experience in both process and results.” Larry Gottlieb, author, The Seer’s Explanation. “Not just a pretty picture, Bob’s goes beneath the skin to explore the essence and potential of an individual then captures it with crystalline clarity.” Tamara Winter, Beyond Blue Grass Landscaping.“Bob’s studio is wonderful. He was very approachable and engaging, working closely with my desired outcomes to create an excellent final photo. It was a fantastic experience, and I would highly recommend him.” Sophie Harrington, Colorado Presidential Scholar, University of Cambridge,UK.

Please call for prices on portrait, group portraits, product shots and videos. Group rates offered: 303 955.7065

Payment and Cancellation policy:

Full payment is due at the conclusion of the shoot via check to Carmichael Productions, Inc. We require a half session fee to book any session beyond basic portraits due one week prior to the shoot. Cancellation for all shots other than portraits is required 48 hours prior to shoot date call time to avoid a cancellation fee of 50% of the project budget. Cancellation NOTICE for individual and group portraits must be made with a telephone call to 303 955.7065 to alert us about a cancellation prior 48 hours before the call time of the shoot day. This notice should be accompanied by an email or text. An email is too easily lost, hence the required phone call to 303 955.7065. The cancellation fee for basic portraits is $100.00. Cancellation for groups larger than 4 individuals is 50% of the total fee agreed to. This is due to camera rental, studio rental and crew fees. NOTE: If one cancellation is taken for a basic portrait, the client must put down a 50% session prepayment to reschedule.

FILE POLICY: No unretouched files will be released from the studio, NO exceptions.  Retouching is a critical phase of our workflow and raw files are not representative of finished work. Note: Image files will be kept for one year from the date of the session. Reviews of images during that time will cost $75.00 to access and review. Retouching fees per basic image remain $60.00.

SESSION TIME:: Editing decisions for selected images are made immediately following photography, then sent to retouching so please allow approx 2 hours for a basic complete photography and edit session. Group portraits session times TBD.