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A Carmichael Portrait working for a client and good friend – the story.

Kevin Donald: Producer/ Assistant Director/Actor
Just got the kind of call we all like to get and that was from my long time friend and colleague Kevin Donald, who rang me up from his home in Hood River, Oregon to thank me and let me know my portrait of him on his agents site Q6Talent had just helped him land a spokesperson role in 2 television commercials, and 20 radio ads. Working with Kevin on his head shot was fun, he’s been a spokesperson on National Commercials for brands like Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Coors, Grapenuts, Molson, Michelob, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Ford, GMC, Honda, and dozens of other national brands,going back to 1970’s. He’s also a great assistant director who’s worked with me on many projects. He’s thorough and knows how to handle complex production assignments and make talent feel comfortable. He can relate because he has years of being front of the camera himself. We’ve worked together on many challenging projects that range from marine environments, to race tracks, and cliff sides. Kevin’s always has been a great athlete, as a gymnast, collage pole vaulter, climber, waterman, and cyclist. We met when I was a University of Colorado football player and he was a nationally ranked pole vaulter. That’s going back a ways… but KD always stays on his game and I’m really pleased my studio and photography approach worked just like it supposed to for him. And that is … capture and create a honest image that communicates some essence of truth about the subject. In Kevin’s case I’ll let him tell the story:

“I have climbed with Bobby for years and worked in concert with him as an assistant director on numerous feature films and commercials throughout the United States, Canada and Europe so we obviously felt really comfortable working together to capture an image I could use for my most recent head shot. Bobby was able to dig just a little deeper than most professional photographers to capture a “look” that enables casting directors to sense facets of my personality and potential as an actor. Here’s the deal, at any preliminary casting, most directors spend just a moment with each head shot when making their decision for who gets a “call back” and who’s head shot goes into the “round file” (trash can) so it’s essential that a photographer capture any interesting qualities that a person can convey while being photographed. Technically, Bobby is as good as they get and his studio is state of the art.” Thanks again Bob!

Kevin Donald

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Author: Bob Carmichael

Bob is a veteran director/cameraman who has extensive documentary, national commercial and feature 2nd unit directing experience. Carmichael and his company are experts in capturing action and creating dynamic images in either motion or still capture. A recent online spot for the Made Movement Agency launching a new skin product line by 7th Generation, PSAs for the Colorado Department of Public Health, and Boulder’s drive to municipalize it’s energy grid, are recent projects that underscore Carmichael’s ability to create arresting imagery and direct dialogue. Carmichael Productions, Inc. is headed by Executive Producer, Doug Millington.